Imagine if you could connect with people in your community the way locals used to when they'd walk up and down Main Street

What would that look like today?

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It would mean modernizing the way local organizations communicate and share what's going on around town

It would mean cultivating online gathering places that are powered by trusted local leaders such as your community magazine or newspaper

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It would mean making it dead simple and affordable for every local business to join the conversation happening online

It would mean empowering businesses to easily work together to build a connected local economy that benefits everyone

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Now You Don't Have to Imagine Anymore - Getting Connected is Easy & Powerful

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Locable's software, tools and services help local businesses, publishers and other local leaders:

  • Join the Conversation

  • Make More $$$

  • Save Time

  • Collaborate More Efficiently

  • Give Back to the Community in a Variety of Ways

Trusted in Over 80 Markets Nationwide

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