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Claim Your Google My Business Page to Improve Search Results - How-To Marketing Mission

Posted 2 months ago

This is the first email in a series where we'll introduce you to common local Marketing MissionsTM that Buzz recommends to users of our Locable Marketing Platform.

To the right, you get a glimpse of how we present missions with your ability to group, schedule or assign them, comment and market them as complete etc.

Claiming your Google My Business account requires you to verify your business. It's not hard however it does require a couple specific steps.

First, visit and click Start Now to locate or create your business.

Google will then send a verification postcard to your location though some businesses may be able to verify with a phone call. You can see the particulars at - we've added their overview video here.

What are the benefits?

Claiming your business ensures your data is correct and helps you appear in more local searches as well as Google Map views.

Success Tip

Just do it! It'll help you get more traffic and more exposure on Google.

Coming Soon: You'll be able to link Locable to your Google My Business account and keep your information current just by updating your Locable account! Keep an eye out for more in the coming months.

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