Hello, my name is Brian, I’m the CEO of Locable and I grew up in Placerville, a small town in Northern California. Placerville was a gold-rush town, I grew up just a few miles from Sutter’s Mill (where they found gold in 1849) and it has a quintessential Main Street. As a kid I could walk down Main Street and get a true sense of the town, overhear the local news and see people from my community. But, over time, the population shifted, Walmart made an appearance and Main Street was reduced to a place rather than the heart and soul of the town.

Community and fellowship is one of the greatest gifts and challenges God has given us so when, in 2007, I spent some time at my step-brother’s community magazine I saw alignment between purpose and opportunity. It is there that I started to realize that his magazine was filling a few of that gaps that Main Street used to fill, the place people went to get the pulse of the town. Local stories still matter, people still care and it’s for this reason that Locable is focused on creating “Main Street for the 21st century”.

When I returned to business school at the Foster School of Business (University of Washington) in 2008 I recruited a couple classmates to help dig a little deeper and I’ve been blessed to have incredibly smart people lend their insights and creativity ever sense.

We discovered that the changing media landscape is fraught with challenges only overshadowed by the opportunity to do well by doing good. When it comes to these opportunities local publishers possess the greatest unfair advantage imaginable yet the sad reality is most local publishers fail to capitalize. Initially we launched the Community Magazine Network with the slogan “Building Community Through Conversation” to help publishers navigate the web and new media in a way that is right for them. The network was part trade association, part LinkedIn group tied around a circulation verification service.

We quickly learned that publishers needed more – more guidance, more support, more (and better) tools and Locable was born. Running the day to day operations is a lot of work and identifying new opportunities today let alone acting on them is more than most publishers can take on for a wide range of reasons. As such, Locable has developed a world-class publishing platform built around the needs of a local publisher – speed, automation, user engagement and user generated content, SEO & Social optimization in code and in practical application, and of course REVENUE!

Our ideas and approaches have evolved but the purpose has always remained the same and we’re even more excited about how we work with publishers to build community and help local businesses join the conversation than when we started.

If you care about community the way I do I hope you’ll introduce yourself, your publication and share a little about what makes where you call home special.

Brian Ostrovsky - Founder & CEO

Brian Ostrovsky

Founder & CEO


Brian founded Locable in 2009 as part of a research project while in the MBA program at the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. Brian recently served as Entrepreneur in Residence at Sonoma State University and has consulted at several startups including Fundability.com. Brian also earned an M.S. in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota and a B.A. in Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University. Brian grew up in Placerville, a small town in Northern California with a quintessential Main Street.

Ryan Frisch - Partner & VP of Marketing

Ryan Frisch

Partner & VP of Marketing


Ryan joined Locable in January of 2013. Ryan will focus primary on sales and marketing both in terms of client development as well as for locable.com. Having previously launched Row43 Media, Inc., an inbound marketing and web design company who worked with many New England based publishers, Ryan brings a unique view and skillset to the table that will be instrumental in growing the company. Ryan has a MBA from Boston University and a degree in information technology from RPI.
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