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Link Your IMPACT Account to Your Facebook Page

What local business owner doesn't want to get something for nothing? Now you can get more marketing oomph just by linking your IMPACT account to your Facebook Page. It only takes about 1 minute but you might be asking yourself, why should I lin...
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The Top-6 Real Reasons Local Businesses Need to Create Content aka Blog

Think about this, if you do any marketing whether print ads, digital ads, social media - heck, do you get referrals from customers? - what is the first thing people tend to do today? They go to your website and try to better understand your bus...
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How Local Businesses Can Collect More 5-Star Reviews

Visit us on Facebook and let us know the best thing a customer has ever said about you. Customer reviews are the new testimonial for the digital, social media, and search optimized age. Yet reliably collecting great customer reviews has been a ...
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