Become a Champion of Your Community

If you promote marketing services to local buyers or you’re looking to help local business while earning some extra cash then you’re in the right place

Speak with a Dedicated Community Manager

Chambers & Associations

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Offer IMPACT to your members for FREE as a value added service that helps them collaborate with other members to increase reach and generate referrals. Plus create a recurring revenue stream by earning 20% on all paid plans in the process!

Local Marketing Agencies

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Save time and deliver more value to your local customer by leveraging the IMPACT Marketing Suite to execute your marketing plan. Plus it's a great low cost alternative!

Sales Professionals

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Great for sales professionals who want to help build community while building a recurring revenue stream!

City Managers

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Enable local businesses to share their unique stories and work together to increase reach and drive the local economy!

The Community Ambassador Program is designed to help you enhance your association or agency, start or improve your own side business and support the local economy by reselling Locable’s IMPACT Marketing Suite to local business who need a website or local presence.

Perfect for agencies and other service providers looking to provide a superior customer experience, stay at home mom’s and students who need a little extra cash, non-profit and group fundraisers and associations looking to provide added value for members.

Partners will receive training materials, marketing resources and ongoing education.

Earn 20% per month (recurring) for as long as they remain a customer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much can I make?

A: The short answer is it depends. The IMPACT Marketing Suite starts at $25 per month and we’ll pay you a 20% commission on all sales each month for as long as they remain a customer. We have no limit to how much you can earn so the sky’s the limit.

Q: How do fundraisers work?

A: We’ll set each member of your group up with a tracking token and pay you each month as money is collected. This way you can track who is driving the most for your fundraiser (and even reward them for their efforts should you choose). You’ll receive your first payment 30 days after your first sale and monthly thereafter.

IMPACT Marketing Suite for Local Businesses