More Than a Collection of Tools - A Solution for the Busy Business Operator

IMPACT combines all the critical features you need in a way that simplifies your marketing, saves you time and helps grow your business in as little as 5 minutes a day. 

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Web Builder

An effective website that professionally represents your business, your values, and the customer experience is the cornerstone of your digital presence.

IMPACT's native website builder makes running a website faster and easier by simplifying a website into core design components we call "Blocks" that are used on each page to keep data in sync and present a consistent brand.

Watch the video of us building a site in 10 minutes >>

It includes:

  • Mobile responsive design and navigation with no seperate setup
  • Search optimized (SEO) content and pages out of the box
  • Unlimited pages, landing pages, images and users
  • Drag & drop content blocks to make re-organizing your page easy
  • Media manager & bulk-image uploader for fast image uploading and delivery
  • Google Analytics and Facebook integrations

We take the hard work out of building a website and ensure your website's always up to date with latest technology and best practices -  no developer/technology experience necessary!

Check Out Some Websites Built with IMPACT

Customer Review Automation

Customer Reviews are modern-day testimonials for the searchable internet however collecting positive reviews, highlighting them on your website and promoting them can be cumbersome.

With the integrated Customer Review Automation tool generating reviews is much easier. Your customers don't even need to create an account to leave a verified review!

See how the custom review tools requests private feedback from dissatisfied customers so that you get a chance to work with unhappy customers BEFORE they post a negative review on another site.

See it in action >>

Finally a way to take control of which reviews are shown!

Built-In Distribution

You never know where your next customer will come from so we automatically distribute your events, content and reviews to as many places as we can to get you seen.

We partner with local publishers through the Locable Publisher Network, a large and growing network of local publishers, as well as other community ambassadors such as the Chamber of Commerce to automatically distribute your content to their websites...all for free.

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Contact Database

The contact database serves as a simple CRM (customer relationship management) tool for your business and highlights all the people that take an action on your site such as completing a form or submitting feedback or a review. 

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Marketing Messages & IMPACT's Powerful Content Engine

Creating content can be challenging but it helps you rank higher on Google, gives you something useful to share on social media and helps turn a website visitors into customers so its a critical component to any marketing plan.

The content engine simplifies the process of creating content by giving you easy to follow options/templates. Simply choose a 'post type', fill in the required info and we take care of the rest! Choose from:

  • A Quick Post (Facebook like post)
  • An Event
  • A Photo Gallery
  • A Before and After Comparison (shown right)
  • An Offer/Coupon
  • And More

Creating compelling and useful marketing content doesn't have to be hard - we've made it easier than ever before for a business operators to create, distribute and promote content on their site and across the web.

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Easily Share Content to Facebook

Are you tired of spending time changing something on your website only to have to post it a second time on Facebook?

With our Facebook Integration, you'll have the option to share a post/marketing message on your website that will simultaneously be shared on your Facebook fan page - saving you time!

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#SupportLocal Alliances

(Coming Fall 2016)

Are you active in your community? Perhaps you have friends and family who run local businesses or you volunteer at a local non profit or even support Boy Scouts or the high school football team.

This local engagement is a key part of who you are and what makes your business unique but representing these real-world relationships online is difficult...

With #SupportLocal Alliances we're changing the way businesses and other local organizations connect and support each other online.

Unleash the power of your connections to increase your reach and generate more local awareness.

Watch the video >>

Marketing Guidance & Reminders

We know you're busy. With all the fires you are putting out on a day-to-day basis, it can be easy to push aside the marketing tasks that are necessary to grow your business.

That's why IMPACT has built in reminders for things you can do to grow your business in as little as 5 minutes.

Take a quick 5 minute break to complete the task and you have successfully completed your marketing for the day!

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Help When You Need It

Just because you're independent doesn't mean you have to be alone. Though IMPACT was built to be simple and easy to manage on your own, we always have your back with an extensive help center and a real person when you need it. 

For those that are looking for even more help marketing their business we have several very affordable plans that drive results.

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Plus Everything We Do Is...

Mobile, Search & Social Optimized

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More than half of local traffic now comes from mobile devices. Is your site mobile optimized? If the answer is no, you are losing business and getting penalized by Google. Everything on IMPACT is mobile and SEO optimized.

Delivered Via The Cloud

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Never worry about your Maintenance or Updates again! Get all new features as they're released. Always up to date with latest tech and best practices.


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You'll have peace of mind and won't have to worry about hackers or malicious code. Our technology is constantly updated to keep you protected.
A Simple, Stepwise Approach to Better Local Marketing - Even If You're Not Marketing or Tech-savvy. Really!

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All The Modern Tech You Need, Period!

search, social and mobile optimized website builder

Show Customers What Makes You  - YOU!

dead-simple content creation & distribution to help you reach more people

Turn Customers Into Referrals & Testimonials

collect and show off customer reviews with one click

Engage Customers Where They're At

built-in social media integration to make sharing easy