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Local Marketing Fundamentals
11 Things Every Local Business Must Do To Be Successful Online

1) Have 1 Page on Your Website for Each Product/Service/Location You Offer

2) Have Consistent Local Listings (Citations) Across the Web on Key Directories

3) Have A Well Structured & Mobile-optimized Website with Local Keywords, Images and Video

4) Create & Post Local-focused Content to Your Website That Demonstrates Your Value Proposition

5) Share/Distribute Your Content to Social, Email & Your Local Network to Build Back-links

6) Collaborate with Other Local Organizations to Increase Reach

7) Use Advertising & Paid Promotions to Boost Reach/Brand Recognition with Less Effort

8) Convert Web Visitors into Paying Customers with Online Offers/Calls-to-Action

9) Ask for Feedback, Solicit Customer Reviews & Manage Your Online Reputation

10) Reward Loyal Customers to Drive Repeat Business & Referrals

11) Demonstrate Your Local by Highlighting Organizations You Support to Build Brand Recognition & Drive Word-of-Mouth

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Toy Store

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With the rise of big box chains and Amazon, local toy stores have taken a huge hit. We’ll be diving into what it takes for a toy store to craft a winning content marketing strategy and grow their business.

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While many contractors rely on word-of-mouth referrals, this is becoming harder and harder to sustain. There aren’t many businesses that can survive let alone thrive by neglecting half the pool of potential customers. That’s why we advocate a strategic content marketing plan.

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Pest Control

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The average local Pest Control Company doesn't have a lot of time to spend learning new technology so this plan is designed to have the highest impact in the shortest amount of time, without having to struggle with too much technology.

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