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Getting Involved and Giving Back at Locable - A Lean Startup Talk

in Platform And Feature Updates, Community Involvement

As a company that aims to build Main Street for the 21st CenturyTM we encourage business owners to find ways to get involved in their community and give back.

It's always great when we get a chance to practice what we preach.

Last night I had the opportunity to give a talk on Lean Startup at the InnoGrove Coworking space in Elk Grove - not far from where we're at in Folsom. At Locable we very much believe in the core principles related to method of innovation, testing, improvement and learning from failures and helping others learn from our experience is rewarding... and cathartic. 

Giving talks and meeting smart, energetic and enthusiastic people is always rewarding. It seems to lead to new ideas and ways of thinking about current problems and opportunities. Plus, you never know if you'll meet that next great hire, partner, or friend.

How can you get involved, give back and build relationships in your community?

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