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A Simple Marketing and Content Plan for Local Hardware, Building Supply and Home Improvement Stores (Free Download)

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Local hardware, building supply and home improvement stores are still a vibrant part of many local communities and visiting one is a unique experience.

While competition has grown, local hardware and home improvement stores are in a great position to add value to local consumers and contractors alike.

Sadly, most hardware, building supply and home improvement stores are not prepared to effectively communicate their unique value and do so continually online.

This simple marketing and content plan is based on our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach and will show every local hardware store how to clearly and effectively market themselves online without requiring much time or expense.

As we always say, content drives marketing and here are simple ways for you to rapidly create content that is relevant, compelling, yet requires zero creativity.

Employee Recognition

Whether you have 2 employees or 20 recognizing them in a blog post is an easy way to reward them for a job well done while helping people get to know your business.

You have a few options to recognize employees. You can recognize employees regularly as an employee of the month, you can recognize them in an ad-hoc way when customers report a great experience to you, or even celebrate new hires or work anniversaries.

Customer Success Story

What better way to attract customers than to celebrate how you helped deliver value?

This can be as simple as helping a wayward customer find what they're looking for in your store (those of us who are less handy can be intimidated by a hardware store and showing you know how to handle us can be valuable).

More substantially, highlight customer projects. If you want to be known as a destination for kitchen & bath supplies then showing the different projects that you have provided products to is a great way to tell that story.

Contractor Spotlight Articles

This is really a variation on celebrating customer success. In this case, if you are a resource for contractors then why not recognize the people who buy from you so regularly?

In doing so, you can celebrate their client's successes. You make them look good and demonstrate your value to other contractors and customers alike.

Events and Event Recaps

Do you teach people how to do their own projects? Perhaps you have classes for kids?

In all cases, these classes should be listed on your website. In fact, you should have a page on your website about classes, you should have a calendar on your website featuring upcoming classes (it should be sortable to show past classes too), and you can even do articles after classes highlighting an attendee or two - what they learned, what they did, what they thought of the experience etc.

Community Interest Article

Let's face it, where you live matters to you - and it should. Why not highlight a local cause you're supporting?

This makes you look good - it's ok to make yourself look good - and it shines a light on a local organization you care about in real life.

Go further by highlighting Local Connections™ and feature local events in a community calendar, we have an app for that ;)

Get the Most Out of Your Content - And Efforts in General

Don't forget that the blog lives on your website and you share your content to social media, email newsletters, etc - that the right way to post and distribute content online.

Blogging - creating content - can be scary but it doesn't have to be which is why we offer a free blogging template and framework which you can download below. 

Want help with a custom content plan...

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