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Watch as we send an email newsletter to 5k subscribers in under 5 minutes

How long does it take you to send an email newsletter? It takes us less than 5 minutes 💪

Look up marketing online and you'll see the importance of email can't be overstated yet most small businesses and local marketers don't consistently send emails.

Email is a key distribution channel and a fundamental part of Marketing 3-4-5™.

Why does doing email marketing suck so bad?

Because the traditional process is cumbersome, time-consuming, and soul-crushing.

That's why we built Express Email Newsletters as a key feature of every paid software plan starting at $27/mo and, in the video above, you see how we send our email newsletters... in under 5-minutes. 

Email is a content distribution channel... so act like it

Our approach is what makes it so fast, no more copy, paste, format, repeat.

Simply choose which content you want to share, decide which list should receive it, and you're good to go.

To be fair, some of our approach was influenced by the way Facebook and other social media generate "link previews" by generating the picture, title, description, and link automatically.

With Locable, you simply one-click "add" one or more blog posts, events, jobs or offers and we generate the rest.

Don't have content?

Our Guided Blogging feature solves that problem too by simplifying content creation, you just answer questions about a recent project, product, client, volunteer, employee etc and the post is done.

You can catch a video of how we do blogging in under 10-minutes here.

More than that, you can share content from local businesses and nonprofits you support to add more to your emails, in addition to a self-updating community calendar, job board, or directory to your website.

We give you time back, while improving your marketing

So much of what you see about marketing is around optimizing your efforts.

Optimization can be valuable but for the vast majority of small businesses, nonprofits, and community organizations optimization is a pipedream and they simply need to get started with marketing or at least start doing things the right way - if you exclusively use social media for your marketing, I'm looking at you 🧐 

Locable's marketing software is designed with a few key considerations in mind:

  1. be useful for inexperienced or nontechnical marketers
  2. save people a huge amount of time through better processes and tools that work together
  3. remove the need to be creative - if you are creative, that's great, but most of us are not
  4. highlight what makes your business or community unique
  5. leverage your relationship

Express does these things well freeing you to get back to the other things you need to do.

Yet another email newsletter providers?

It's true, there are a ton of email marketing tools available at a range of price points. In fact, we spent a decade monkeying around with a certain notable provider.

While quite capable, often adding advanced features that we'll never offer, they tend to be built for larger dedicated marketing teams, bigger budgets, and they often were disconnected from other important local marketing activities.

We decided to take a different approach to help EVERYONE be effective, utilize email marketing with best-practices and CAN-SPAM compliance (stop BCC'ing people), without the accompanying dread.

We found a way to save time, simplify the process, reduce errors, and it's super affordable

"I love all the extra tools, I create a newsletter every week, its very easy and looks so good." - Sarah Violett, Create Community Yoga

Get started with Locable, upgrade to unlock Express Email Newsletters and a whole lot more for as little as $27/mo.

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