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Get to know Heart on Main Street, supporting the heartbeat of your community

Patrick Keiser with Heart on Main Street connected with us here at Locable a few weeks ago as they were looking for partners that support local businesses and retailers.

He shared that they were launching a new nonprofit because, "Retailers face extreme challenges from small margins and limited access to resources, to competition with larger corporations and online distributors. A noble purpose become clear: we must do more to support the long-term success of Main Street retailers."

Our missions are clearly aligned as we provide numerous marketing resources such as free local marketing plans organized by industry and free-forever software options.

Getting to know Heart on Main Street

Heart on Main Street is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping independent retailers evolve their businesses and thrive within their local communities by providing tools, resources and education so retailers can invest in themselves.

Heart on Main Street is providing grants to help retailers transform their stores, mentorships to aid newer retailers as they get started, education to help retailers learn to how to run better businesses, and creating a new network of companies and organizations that provide services to independent retailers.

We're proud that Locable is one of their initial Marketing Partners.

Retailer Grants

Retailers that give back to their community and need help with a project will be able to apply for grants of up to $25,000 starting in March of 2023.

Patrick works in the wholesale gift industry and saw firsthand how their retail clients struggled the juggle the everchanging demands of their business. He saw an opportunity to supplement their efforts with support, know-how, and financial resources.

Next Steps

You can support their efforts or participate in their various programs.

Local retailers provide a foundation for every community, it's great to see new ways that we can support them all around the country.

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