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Locable Marketing Platform Feature Update Webinar Recap

We hosted the 30-minute live webinar on January 18 at 1PM Central Time with the primary goal of updating our users on the new features and functionality in Locable.

We're constantly improving our software to simplify local marketing and while we communicate through email we find that often people catch all of the announcements so a webinar would be a great way to provide an overview of some of these new important updates.

Attendee Goals and Challenges

We asked attendees to complete a four-question poll, the first asked, "What's your favorite feature(s) in Locable?"

The top result was our Event Promotion tools followed by Guided Blogging and our Express Email Newsletter Feature.

Note: we promoted the webinar using our event promotion tools, this email is being written using the Event Recap prompt in Guided Blogging, and many of your reading this received an email newsletter from us.

We also asked about their top marketing priority, based on the 3 reasons people do marketing in Marketing 3-4-5™.

The runaway answer was to positively impact their community but attracting customers was also common. Interestingly, only a few listed improving hiring.

Finally, we asked about their marketing goals. There were many options but ranking higher on Google, creating content faster and easier, not having to 'figure it out on their own', and leveraging their efforts across multiple channels were the top objectives - they were at the right place ;)

Simplifying local marketing

We continue to focus, relentlessly on simplifying local, marketing for busy people so they can be effective in 15 minutes or less.

This webinar was many ways, a culmination of the last few year's efforts, as well as the beginning for what the future holds to help small businesses and communities to compete and win as marketing becomes increasingly complex and nuanced.

"I love all the extra tools, I create a newsletter every week, its very easy and looks so good. I have been using the reviews tool which is also easy and I can send the reviews right to my website. I love all the different posts available for blogging. I have been happy with the technical support, I am not tech savvy, and you do not need to be." - review by Sarah Violett, Create Community Yoga

“You guys should really play up your ease of use. The tools are great but it’s so much easier to use Locable than the other tools I’ve used and if I get stuck you have awesome support.” - Joy Press, Downtown Manchester

"I was able to create a Small Cusiness Saturday event recap post in about 4-minutes! Uploading the photos to the gallery took longer than the writing." - Aimee Byrd, Fayetteville Main Street

Want to watch or share Locable's Platform Update Webinar recording?

Find the recording here.

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Locable Marketing Platform Feature Update Webinar RecapWe hosted the 30-minute live webinar on January 18 at 1PM Central Time with the primary goal of updating our users on the new features a...
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