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From Connection to Impact: How Ballydidean Farm Sanctuary Boosted Their Reach with Marketing

About Ballydidean

Ballydidean Farm Sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming farmed animals who are unwanted, neglected, or abused.

They believe that exposure leads to empathy, offering tours and community education to help people form connections with animals they typically only see on their dinner plates, encouraging a rethinking of their relationship with farmed animals.

They've been working with the Whidbey Community Foundation and were invited to participate in the foundation's groundbreaking efforts to equip nonprofits in their community with Locable's tools that simplify marketing and automate cross-promotion.

Maximizing Reach with Automated Tools

Ballydidean Farm Sanctuary, like most local businesses and nonprofits, struggled with limited time and resources to fully utilize their website, social media, Google Business Profile & Google Maps, reviews, and event listings.

Their Google many reviews were only visible on their Google Business Profile and Google Maps Listing, and managing multiple platforms was time-consuming.

By leveraging Locable’s Free Engage Plan, Ballydidean synced Google reviews to their website (see a scroll of reviews here), and used our publish-once system to promote local events to have them appear across multiple platforms including their website and Whidbey Community Foundation's Website.

This automated approach saves time, increases visibility, and strengthens their connection with the local community through their relationship with the Whidbey Community Foundation which features a directory listing (previewed above), events, volunteer opportunities and more for local nonprofits.

Q&A with Ansel Santosa

To gain deeper insights into Ballydidean’s experience with Locable, we spoke with Ansel. Here’s what he had to say about their experience and the benefits they've received.

  • How much time did you spend when you initially claimed the account and linked Google?

Probably about 30-40 minutes.

  • How much time did it take to add events and reviews to your website?

Very easy, 10-15 minutes. We’re on Squarespace.

  • What were you hoping for when you signed up for Locable?

Get more local exposure via our partnership with WCF [Whidbey Community Foundation].

  • What has surprised you about your experience?

Really impressed and surprised to see how many free tools there are that really add value by integrating with external services to reduce the amount of work we have to do to promote things.

  • What’s next in terms of marketing goals you want to address?

We would love to get a more consistent audience outside social media.

  • What would you suggest to someone else thinking about signing up for Locable? Any recommendations?

Do it! Nothing to lose and actually quite a bit to gain even without paying for anything.

In Summary

Ballydidean quickly integrated Locable’s tools into their marketing strategy, saving time and enhancing their promotional efforts. This partnership has enabled them to connect more effectively with the local community and increase their visibility.

Ballydidean Farm Sanctuary’s experience highlights how Locable’s tools boost local exposure and simplify marketing tasks. With minimal time investment, Ansel was able to leverage Locable’s free tools to enhance their website and reach a broader audience, setting a solid foundation for future marketing endeavors.

The bottom line: Ansel was able to use Locable and "reduce the amount of work we have to do to promote things."

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