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Community Ambassador (Partner) Program

Leverage Locable's Marketing Platform to build stronger customer relationships and create a recurring revenue stream for your business or organization.
Key Partner Benefits

  • Provide an inexpensive (even free) solution to your customers/members and deliver more value around your existing programs & solutions
  • Improve your ability to identify and promote customer/member content on your website
  • Prompt non-customers/members to purchase your products and services automatically through our Virtual Marketing Assistant
  • Promote key events and offers through your existing customers/members automatically
  • And more

Locable's Marketing Platform & You

Marketing Tools

Deliver easy-to-use marketing tools to your customers/members empowering them to build a strong digital presence

Marketing Recommendations & Reminders

Equip your customers with regular marketing missions and guidance from our Virtual Marketing Assistant (Nicknamed "Buzz")

Free Marketing Collaboration Features

Connect and collaborate with your customers/members for free to increase reach and engagement in your community

How It Works

Invite Your Customers/Members to Collaborate

We'll work with you to setup your own account and invite everyone to collaborate with your business/organization.

Collaboration is so important in the local landscape that we make these features available to you and your customers/members for free so you can collaborate with them more effectively!

[Optional] Co-host a Free Local Marketing Workshop for Your Existing & Prospective Customers/Members

In this co-branded, no-pitch webinar, we'll provide an overview of the 11 Things Every Local Business Must Do To Be Successful Online.

We'll also:

  • Provide a dedicated registration page
  • Provide social media posts and email templates you can use to promote the webinar
  • Work with you to ensure a successful workshop - we'll even do all the work to promote the webinar on your behalf if you prefer

[Optional] Provide Free Copies of Our Local Marketing Fundamentals Workbook To Your Audience (Coming Soon)

We'll provide a co-branded copy of our marketing workbook in PDF format that you can distribute to all workshop attendees or use as an offer on your website.

The workbook expands on the concepts covered in the workshop and outlines the exact steps your customers/members need to take in order to implement the lessons taught in the workshop.

Sit Back & Relax

You'll earn a commission anytime anyone invited upgrades to one of our paid plans for as long as they remain a customers as well as a commission on any one-time add-ons purchased. Alternatively, you can simply share your unique referral link directly and still earn a commission.

For many businesses, our free plan is all they will ever need but the platform is designed to grow along with businesses and intuitively prompts them to upgrade as their needs change. You can view our pricing page here.

Join and Schedule Your Free Marketing Workshop Today!

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Chamber's are constantly promoting businesses through in-person networking events. With Locable's Marketing Platform they can now do the equivalent online!

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More Info Coming Soon