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Dedicated to Helping Local Small Businesses Thrive

Emma Eldridge

Customer Success Manager

Emma has been with Locable since May 2018, first starting off as a Marketing Assistant, then Community Manager, and now Customer Success Manager. 

Coming from an entrepreneurial family (and being an aspiring entrepreneur herself), she feels right at home working with Locable and has loved being involved in the fast-moving pace of a startup company. She loves working with and helping local communities & small businesses thrive and #TakeBackLocal.

She enjoys thinking outside of the box, trying new things, and coming up with new ways to work more strategically, creatively, and effectively.

When she's not working with Locable, she is involved as a Board Member for the Folsom based theatre company FreeFall Fall Stage.

Emma has a B.S. in Business Administration, with concentrations in General Management and Entrepreneurship, from the California State University of Sacramento.

Below you can find a mix of local businesses & nonprofits that Emma personally endorses and supports in her day-to-day life.