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Guided Business Blogging - A Prompt-Based Approach

Guided Blogging enables you to create effective and authentic content simply by answering a handful of questions.

Prompts are grouped based on your business activities.

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"Without examples, nobody knows what you’re talking about. Without examples that are relevant to me then I don’t know what you’re talking about."

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Use Content To Attract Customers, To Grow Your Team, To Support Your Community

A guided approach to business blogging - now you can tap into content marketing

Our content marketing tools make it easy to implement a Marketing 3-4-5™ approach without expertise, experience, or time.

You may never have the resources to market like the big boys but you have local relationships and authenticity - content helps you leverage both of these to create an unfair advantage.

The Locable content engine simplifies the process of creating content and distributing content.

Guided Blogging™ can be done by answering a few prompts about your project, product, service etc. The result, a business-specific example of your unique experience, expertise, likeability, and/or values... these are the 4-reasons people choose to work with you.

Start by choosing which template or prompts you'd like to use:

  • Highlight a Creation or a Project
  • Product Overviews, Unboxings or Staff Picks
  • Spotlight an Experience
  • Event Story Arcs including event previews and event recaps
  • Professional Services Example
  • Employee or Volunteer Recognition
  • Profile a Client or Customer Recognition
  • Profile a Cause, Partner, or Vendor
  • Vendor, Partner or Business Recognition Spotlight

    Creating compelling marketing content doesn't have to be difficult. We've made it easier than ever before for business operators to create, distribute, and promote content on their website, quickly send email newsletters, and push it across the web. We've even published a number of local marketing and content plans for local industries.
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