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Solutions for Main Streets, Downtowns and Business Improvement Districts

Boost your Main Street marketing & equip your businesses with our all-in-one technology and approach

Simple tools & techniques to improve your marketing and empower local businesses

  • Self-Updating Community Calendar Software
  • Dynamic Business Directories with robust and content-rich listings
  • Express Email Newsletter™ technology
  • Event Promotion & registration features with built-in distribution
  • Streamlined CRM to manage donations and centralize communication

Welcome to Main Street & Downtown Marketing Simplified

Are you struggling to tell your community's story and fail to get recognized for your efforts? Do you constantly feel like you're herding cats trying to get businesses to participate? Are your businesses struggling in a fragmented marketing landscape?

An all-in-one solution and a unique approach

Locable's software and proprietary Marketing 3-4-5™ approach can be transformative at a price you can afford while saving you and your team at least team 5 hours per week. Plus, your businesses all get access to free software tools and resources to save time and make them more effective too.

Say goodbye to herding cats and hello to becoming a local hero!

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Enhance your website with tools that plug right in - or - upgrade it with our website platform to simplify your marketing, engage locals in your community and drive visits

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Most Popular for Small Communities

COORDINATE for Main Streets & Districts


Paid Annually

or $189.99 billed monthly

Place marketing for small communities

Key Features & Benefits

  • Create up to 5 custom business directories for interest-based landing pages
  • Feature up to 5 custom community calendars for your audiences
  • Monetize your website through: tiered directories, up to 5 sponsorship recognition widgets, up to 5 sponsored content feeds, and display ads
  • Membership Management and recurring billing
  • Data-driven content feeds with content from partners and local businesses
  • 50k monthly Express Email sends
  • Annual account review
  • Participation in Locable mobile app

COORDINATE+ for Main Streets & Districts


Paid Annually

or $299.99 billed monthly

Enhanced place marketing for small to mid-sized communities

Everything in Coordinate, plus

  • Up to 10 business directories
  • Up to 10 community calendars
  • Up to 10 sponsorship recognition widgets and content feeds
  • Highlight things-to-do featuring destinations, events, and dynamic content
  • Custom maps and tours
  • Mercantile™ Marketplace to feature local gift cards
  • Quarterly account review
  • 3x Active 8-stop Apptivities™ in Locable (Distrx) Mobile app
  • 1 done-for-you Retheme of Apptivities™ quarterly

COORDINATE Max for Main Streets & Districts


Paid Annually

or $429.99 billed monthly

Maximize your marketing impact for your small to mid-sized community

Everything in Coordinate+, plus

  • Unlimited businesses directories
  • Unlimited calendars
  • Unlimited sponsorship recognition widgets and content feeds
  • Multiple active giveaways and contests
  • 5 Monthly Aptivities™ in Locable mobile app
  • 2 done-for-you Rethemes of Apptivities™ quarterly

Learn about our done-for-you onboarding options to help you get the benefits of Locable's software with minimal effort on your end.

Get a customized demo to see how you and your community can benefit

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Reinforce your relationships, drive new members, increase distribution & reach, and work more effectively with your members to grow your local economy!

Implement a community calendar the easy way, check out our how-to, webinar and free download.

Community Calendar How-to

These free webinars will make you more effective and save you time in the process.

Access Our 4-Part Series

You're missing opportunities to grow events and get recognized for your contributions.

Enhance Event Marketing

Main Street Iowa
"Your presence has made a positive impact in our state's program" - Michael Wagler, Main Street Iowa State Coordinator
Enhance your website with our tools or upgrade it with our platform, simplify your marketing, engage your community and visitors

Promote Your Organization

Attract new members or merchants, increase volunteer participation, reach more people

Whether you want to attract more businesses to participate, promote your activities and events, or reinforce your value proposition your Locable account has the tools you need to be successful. Access our 4-Part Marketing Main Street webinar series.

Locals need to see information multiple times and visitors (tourists) may not know where to look - make it easy to find information across local websites and on your community hub.

You are not alone. Community is what makes 'here' special and your community cares, show them how you impact their lives, give them a way to participate, and celebrate the small steps along the way.

Supercharge your website with our tools that plug in to your existing site or upgrade it to strengthen your online presence.

Promote Your Merchants or Members

Simple Marketing Activities You Can Complete Over Coffee

Promotion isn't your only responsibility and your members don't exactly make it easy for you. Now, most important marketing activities can be done in 15-minutes or less with a Marketing 3-4-5™ approach. Seriously.

Using Local Connections™ Main Streets and Visitors Authorities automates cross-promoting local businesses on your website and synchronizes calendars to automatically stay up-to-date on events in your community.

Make discovering upcoming events fast and easy, highlight past events and activities with galleries and writeups, curate member content to share and promote it, and more. Our marketing platform and related services make all of this easier and more affordable.

See how Locable's technology and programs can transform your community

Schedule a 30-minute demo to see how we can save you time and help your community thrive

Empower Your Members

Strong members mean a strong community and it's easier than you think!

Businesses and nonprofits must effectively market themselves and when they only-have-to-do-one-thing it's easy to increase participation. With Locable, small businesses distribute their content across the internet automatically simply by updating their own website!

More than that, your members want to amplify your efforts to support, and each other, in a meaningful way.

Promote themselves, promote others, build community - together!

Highlight Events & Activities

Attendance and participation increases the more often people 'bump into' reminders

Locable automates adding events to your community calendar, business information to your directory, jobs and volunteer opportunities to their respective boards.

Our self-updating tools are like a digital version of the bulletin board you see at a coffee shop or a flyer in the window of a storefront on Main Street.

Your community has a unique story, telling it is easier than you probably realize and, you may even enjoy it.

Would you like a community calendar that is always current? Want your events and marketing activities to reach more people? Want to empower local businesses to be better marketers? We can help! 

Schedule a Free Consultation & Program Overview

Self-Updating Calendars

Events posted once can show up on any-and-all relevant calendars throughout your community - automatically

Learn More

Promote Your Community

Promote your activities and new developments through content and distribution 

Learn More

Mercantile™ Marketplace

Host a collaborative marketplace for your merchants and participating businesses

Learn More

Marketing Best Practices

You and your merchants can Become Effective at Local Marketing Without Having to Become an Expert

Learn More

Marketing is Better When Most of it is Automated

Are you involved with a Main Street, Downtown Association or Visitor's Authority and wonder, "How can we promote our community and businesses more effectively with limited staff time and budget?"

Does supporting your businesses and community ever feel like herding cats? Does coordinating promotional activities drive you to tears? Do you struggle to attract new members?

Locable is “like a community’s own social network.” - Lindsay Henderson, Vitality Director Webster City Iowa

Focus on Relationships and Let Technology do the Heavy Lifting to Promote Your Community

Locable’s Local Connections™ technology automates cross-promotion and only a few active participants are needed to start seeing real benefits. We follow a proven approach to drive participation from local businesses and nonprofits making marketing impactful and truly sustainable.

Leverage Local Connections™ to pave the way to growth for local businesses, nonprofits, and your own organizations by reaching more people more places.

The world is changing but the importance of community isn't going away, now is the time to build your organization and support your members. Are you ready to #TakeBackLocal?

Don’t Let Your Community Settle for just “Doing Fine” - Build on our Local Connections™ technology to launch a coordinated community-wide marketing effort that runs on autopilot

Learn More: Done-for-You Onboarding

Increase the value of membership and participation by delivering new value

It's free for all to claim their Locable profile and participate. Because we provide easy-to-use tools that local businesses and nonprofits can use directly on their own websites, it's easy to increase participation.

With Locable, small businesses distribute their content automatically simply by updating their own website! 

So, stop chasing content, simply promote it on your website. It's like a digital version of the bulletin board you see at a coffee shop or a storefront window on Main Street.

Our tools can be added to supplement the existing content on your website, you can use our tools to upgrade your website, or you can launch a microsite specifically for community-sourced content. The choice is yours.

Plus, our tools include free marketing guidance and assistance including our transformational Marketing 3-4-5™ Training Program and In-Person Workshops. Free features include Marketing Missions™ which literally makes marketing recommendations based on their goals and then shows them how to do it while our platform includes most of the tools they'll need to be effective.

Improve Your Email Marketing & Save Time

Email marketing is powerful yet often takes hours. We'll show you how to do it in minutes while avoiding common mistakes. Follow our guide and webinar.

Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework & Approach

Effective marketing drives local impact for associations and membership organizations

Promote your merchants and members, attract more visitors to your community, support economic development activities, and do it all quickly and easily without neglecting your many other responsibilities.

Our whole approach is based on the Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework and approach which is designed to make you effective at marketing without having to become an expert at marketing

Click here to learn about utilizing Marketing 3-4-5™ to start effectively marketing your organization and community.

Learn how your community can become a Locable community
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