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The Community Calendar Checklist & Playbook

In the Playbook: Building an Effective Community Calendar for Your Local Community, you will find answers to:

  • How-to implement a robust interactive calendar on your website to grow traffic
  • Deliver more value to members or local businesses
  • Automatically display and distribute events to collaborate with community partners
  • Amplify events through simple-to-create content that adds a human-interest element
  • Put an end to the dreaded cat-herding and hours upon hours of hunting for local events

Does your Main Street, Chamber, or Tourism organization struggle to make events accessible to locals and visitors?

Tired of the never-ending battle of managing a community calendar? Feeling overwhelmed by the constant updates and lack of event submissions?

Looking for a way to bring your community closer together through a centralized calendar and support local businesses and organizations effortlessly?

Our simple playbook and checklist is here to revolutionize the way you manage and promote community events. Say goodbye to the headaches and busywork, and say hello to seamless community engagement and support for local businesses.

Looking for community calendar software for your organization?

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Community engagement is the lifeblood of a vibrant society. But, creating and maintaining an effective community calendar can be challenging. That's where we come in. Our Playbook and checklist, "Building an Effective Community Calendar for Enhanced Civic Engagement," provides a step-by-step guide to overcoming these challenges and fostering a connected community.

Why You Need This Playbook & Checklist

  1. Understand the Importance of a Community Calendar: Learn how a community calendar serves as a centralized hub for individuals, businesses, and organizations to discover, plan, and participate in local activities.

  2. Overcome Calendar Challenges: Discover innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of insufficient event promotion and fragmented information distribution.

  3. Leverage Automation for Success: Learn how to use automation tools to ensure comprehensive event coverage and maximize community reach and participation.

  4. Real-Life Success Story: Get inspired by the success story of Statesville, North Carolina, where automated event distribution transformed community engagement.

  5. Maximize the Benefits of an Efficient Calendar: Understand how an efficient community calendar can save time, effort, and reach a broader audience.

  6. Enhance Engagement with Supplemental Content: Learn how to use supplemental content like blog posts, event preview articles, and event recap articles to amplify the impact of events.

  7. Share Participant Experiences: Discover how sharing participant experiences can enhance community engagement and foster stronger community connections.

What You'll Get

By downloading this Playbook and Checklist, you'll get simple steps you can take as well as actionable strategies to build an effective community calendar that promotes civic engagement. You'll learn how to overcome the challenges of event promotion and fragmented information, leverage automation tools, and use supplemental content to foster enhanced civic engagement and strengthen community bonds.

Download our whitepaper now and take the first step towards building a vibrant, engaged community.