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Get A Fully Mobile & Search Optimized Website

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You know more and more of your customers are moving to mobile devices to browse the web. With the IMPACT Marketing Suite you’ll enjoy having a fully mobile and search optimized website that serves as home base for all your marketing and business information. No need for expensive web developers because IMPACT is ridiculously easy to work with!

Create & Manage Content Easily

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Creating content (blogs, events, customer reviews, offers, etc.) to tell your own story is critical to setting yourself apart from your competition and generating new business. The IMPACT Marketing Suite makes it dead simple to create great content, automate the collection of reviews and distribute everything to multiple places all in less than 5 minutes!

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Sync Your Website, Directory Listings & Social Media

Make updating core business data, sharing customer reviews and posting to social media easier than ever with one centralized tool to manage it all. IMPACT will save you time and a huge headache by keeping all your information in sync across the web.

Collect Customer Reviews & Show Them Off - Automatically

Customer reviews are the new testimonial and a great reputation has never been more important. Review automation enables you to quickly collect more customer reviews and highlight them on your website amongst other places.

Grow Through Alliances & Built-in Distribution

You have relationships in real life but how well do you leverage them online? Unleash the power of your connections to increase your reach through other local websites, automatically generate more referrals and grow your business with Alliances.

*Some features currently under development

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