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Locable in the Press

Because of our ability to help local in a variety of ways, Locable has been promoted on numerous media sites including:

  • Streetfight - Locable Zeroes in on Marketing Solutions for Digitally Challenged Merchants
  • Streetfight - Locable’s Aim: To Help Sites Build Community as a Brand
  • AdWeek - Locable Network Targets Entrepreneurial Journalists
  • Streetfight - What Local Publishers Can Learn From Starbucks
  • Susquehanna Life Magazine - Publisher, Intern Present Intrapreneurship Experiences With Meetup Group
  • Web Marketing Today - 10 Great Local Marketing Ideas for October 2015
  • Swheiki Media - Turning Digital into Dollars: How Local Print Publishers Can Monetize Online Assets
  • Streetfight - From Print to Patch to His Own ‘Indie’ Site — A 25-Year Saga
  • Streetfight - 5 Ways to Track the Effectiveness of a Hyperlocal Campaign
  • Streetfight - 6 Tools Publishers Can Use to Monetize Their Business Directories

For more information regarding press, please contact us.