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Local Publishers & Bloggers

For those publishers not quite ready to become a member of The Locable Publisher Network, Locable provides an inexpensive way to get started building a community listing website.

Here are a few of the key features/benefits of becoming a Community Ambassador:

  • Easily highlight your existing advertisers by adding a business listing to your website
  • Add Locable's marketing platform to your sales arsenal to increase revenue and/or protect yourself from those business going digital
  • Promote your advertisers content - events, articles, sales & promotions, jobs & volunteer opportunities - on your site automatically through Local Connections like a bulletin board at a coffee shop 
  • Help advertisers connect and promote each others businesses

For those publishers looking for a more complete solution including a fully-loaded content management system (CMS), a powerful directory and calendar system complete with the ability to create local guides, training and sales & marketing resources, check out The Locable Publisher Network.

Become a Community Ambassador Today

Reinforce your relationships with existing advertisers, increase distribution & reach and grow revenue!