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Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework & Training

Become effective and efficient: use Local Marketing & SEO secrets to work smarter not harder

A Modern Marketing Framework and Content Marketing Training to Simplify Marketing for Busy Business Owners & Nonprofit Operators
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Please note: This program will NOT turn you into a marketing expert, ninja or superstar - It's for beginners & those looking for a rock-solid foundation!


"The presentation was filled with great ideas.

Brian made us look at several marketing practices we are currently doing in a different and out-of-the-box way. It was fun to think with someone who has a different lens who can zoom out and see other ways that could be more effective."- Peg Raney, Executive Director of Jefferson Matters: Main Street - Part of our 2019 Main Street Iowa Tour

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Reasons to Do Marketing

Attract Customers
Grow Team
Support the Community


Reasons People Choose to Work with You

Likeability / Friendliness / Ambiance
Values & Community Involvement


Ways People Find You

Direct Traffic / Referrals
Ads & Social Media
Email Newsletters
Google / Search Engines
Local Connections
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A Structured Approach for Every Local Business and Nonprofit

Local businesses notoriously struggle with marketing while big companies with large teams, large budgets and sophisticated tactics continue to grow.

Marketing 3-4-5™ is designed to make you effective and efficient by using local marketing and SEO secrets to work smarter not harder. This, then, enables you to benefit from Content Marketing without having to be creative or a particularly good writer.

Most things that can change your life require a significant commitment to change your behavior. Marketing 3-4-5™ isn't one of them.

More than that, our Marketing 3-4-5™ Course and Webinars will equip you to be more efficient and effective with your marketing which means connecting with more of the right people with less time and expense.

Marketing 3-4-5™ training includes:

  • Understanding the purpose of marketing (attracting customers, growing and maintaining your team and impacting your community)
  • Clearly communicating what makes you unique and why people should work with you vs others
  • How people find you and how to reach them on multiple different channels with one primary activity
  • Taking inventory of your unique benefits & capabilities to quickly create content in the future
  • Creating compelling content by Highlighting a Creation, Demonstrating Professional Service Successes, and various forms of Employee Recognition Content
  • The role and use of Power Words aka high emotion words - Imagine using quick, proven and convenient techniques guaranteed to make you more efficient!
  • Top mistakes in local marketing and how to avoid them
  • How to grow customer reviews and referrals systematically
  • How to structure a website for 3 types of visitors, rank on Google and get more out of Social Media
  • and, how to Tap Into the Power of Your Local Connections to reach more people and support your community - Automatically!

Again, this program will NOT turn you into a marketing expert, ninja or superstar

It will make YOU effective and efficient by using local marketing & SEO secrets everyone should know, by working smarter not harder...

"I've seen a lot of different marketing [concepts], but this one is different. This is one I can actually do and immediately see the value/potential." - Chris W., Financial Services

The Marketing 3-4-5™ online training course will be announced shortly. If you'd like to bring Locable to your community, learn about our on-site Marketing 3-4-5™ workshops and nationwide tour.

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