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A Custom Local Marketing Plan & Audit of Current Marketing Activities

Identify places you're wasting time and money and address specific areas where you want to quickly improve... We can help with that.
An audit of your current marketing activities and techniques; goal-based recommendations; and help leveraging our marketing platform. All built on our exclusive Marketing 3-4-5™ framework and approach.
Our 3-Step Approach

1/ Evaluate Current Activities

The first step is understanding what you're currently doing, how you're doing it and how effective it is.

We evaluate your current social media, blog and other content, website structure, email newsletters, advertisements and more.

We help you work smarter-not-harder!

2/ Understand Your Goals & Resources

Everyone has different goals. Some people simply want more customers, others want to build a brand while still more want their marketing efforts to help improve hiring & staffing.

We look to get to know your goals as well as how much time, energy and budget you're willing to invest to reach them.

3/ Deliver A Plan You Can Follow

A plan is easy, a plan you can follow is where the magic happens.

We combine things such as your industry, location, community involvement, team size and composition, financial resources and more to put together a custom game-plan.

Then we setup Buzz to help keep you on track!

If growing your business is a priority, what are you waiting for?

Get Started Today

Why Our Premium, Hands-On Marketing Plan Service for Local Businesses?

We hear time and again that business owners want to make more of an effort with things like social media, search engine optimization, collaborative marketing or even advertising but they don't know where to start.
Or, worse yet, have already wasted time and money on things they don't understand.

When it comes to all things marketing, there is a right way and a wrong way. Usually they take about the same amount of effort.

This is a shame and completely avoidable. 

Let Locable develop a Custom Local Marketing Plan for you and conduct an audit of your current marketing activities that includes:
  • A review of your marketing goals
  • A review of your current activities, website structure & content
  • We'll identify one-time activities to be completed like Google My Business & Yelp Profile setup and show you how to do it
  • Developing marketing and content plan/schedule, Set Buzz the virtual marketing assistant to manage your efforts
  • Provide best-practice recommendations for website title structure & calls-to-action plus tips to get more out of your social media posting
  • Import customers & contacts to help you collect reviews and setup your Local Connections

Starting at $999 for a limited time!

Join us for a free, no obligation, 10-minute overview call to see how our Marketing Plan and Audit service can help you and your business become more effective at the things you're already doing!