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Local Marketing and Content Plans - By Industry

Local marketing ideas and activities you can quickly do yourself for every local business and industry.

Your business is unique, tell your story using simple 10-15 minute activities with these industry-specific marketing and content plans. 

Marketing often feels mysterious but we're here to equip you to become effective at marketing without having to become an expert at marketing following our Marketing 3-4-5™ framework and approach.

We're attempting to provide a content and marketing plan with examples for the most common local industries, our apologies if we managed to miss or miscategorize yours.

These marketing and content plans can be run with zero budget (for free) or paired with advertising to multiply your impact.

Browse for more local marketing tips, tricks and how-to's to improve your effectiveness.

Hardware & Home Improves Stores

Stand out from your big-box alternatives by creating a unique experience for DIY and professional customers

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Restaurants & Catering

Share your unique experience and remind people of why they should visit again to help define the atmosphere in your community

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Toy Stores & Gift Shops

Toy Store's are fixtures on Main Street, visiting one is fun and clues you in to the community's history

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Construction & HVAC Businesses

Construction businesses and HVAC businesses face a lot of competition, setting your business apart is easier than you think

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Demonstrate your unique value by showing people that you don't merely sell a commodity people can buy cheaper elsewhere

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Pest Control Businesses

Pest control businesses feel a dime-a-dozen, marketing can help you stand out from your similar-sounding competitors

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Real Estate Agents, Brokerages & Agencies 

In real estate, you're truly selling yourself. Turns out, there's a lot you can do to show people why they'd love working with you

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Yoga Studios, Fitness Trainers & Gyms

Inform, encourage, and help people - share success stories and help new students feel welcomed through content

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Local Nonprofits & Volunteer Organizations

Nonprofits face unique challenges in marketing their cause... your mission and your activities are the fuel for your marketing activities.

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New marketing plans are coming soon. Have an industry you want us to cover? Tell us about it.

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