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Mobile-based Tours & Scavenger Hunts to Drive Local Discovery - Distrx is now part of Locable

What if you could guide locals and visitors to explore more? 

Help locals and visitors discover what makes your community unique through Scavenger Hunts, Walking Tours, Driving Tours, and more.

  • Customize the theme for special events or seasonal holidays
  • Discover historical landmarks and points of interest
  • Drive foot traffic to venues, businesses, and more.
  • Highlight Events by leveraging our automated community event calendar software

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Engaging locals and visitors with mobile-app based, themed discover Apptivities has never been easier or more affordable.

A la carte Pricing

Running an Apptivity can be done with a 1-time license and setup fee per stop plus a $200/yr per Apptivity subscription.

GPS based Apptiviities start at $100/stop

Beacon-based Apptivities start at $200/stop

Bundled in Coordinate+ and Above

With Coordinate+ you get 3 active Apptivities with up to 8 stops each. Plus, each quarter we'll help you repurpose a seasonal Apptivity at no additional cost to keep the fun going all year round.

Explore bundled packages and pricing

Run year-round tours or seasonal scavenger hunts to get people downtown or around your community

Apptivities are app-based activities that can be added to your community's mobile app (initial setup fee applies). Examples include walking tours, scavenger hunts, StoryHunt™ Adventures for kids, and other contests and games that use the mobile app and cutting-edge proximity technology.

A virtual tour guide

Stops can be featured on an interactive map and, with the use of Beacon technology, as they approach, content appears on their phone automatically, with pictures, animations, audio narrations or video with information or instructions. 

Many downtowns can run historical homes or historical building tours, art walks or mural tours, and more to highlight the culture and history of their community.

At the same time, seasonal adventures encourage locals and visitors alike to visit your community for St Patrick's Day pub crawls, Mother's Day walks, Halloween Trick-or-Treating and a lot more. District Managers receive detailed participant reports and Apptivities can be rethemed and reused as often as you like.

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District Arrival Notification

distrx lets mobile users know when they’ve arrived in your district, providing a welcome alert and message you control.

Local Attractions

Include area attractions and points of interest, including links to websites or other resources.

Business Directory

Dining, Shopping, Arts, Entertainment – local businesses are listed in their respective category and appear on the map, highlighting current promotions.

Parking Information

List your parking locations, which will appear on the map. When a location is selected, your app displays the route to get there.

Promote Your Events

Post your upcoming events, or link directly to your website’s event page.

Tours and “Apptivities”

Your mobile app supports walking tours, scavenger hunts, pub crawls and other app-based activities. (setup fee applies)

Event Distribution & Ticketing

Promote and distribute your events, sell tickets, track registrations and more.

Explore Event Promotion

Membership Management CRM

Simplify merchant communication, grow membership, automate billing, & more.

Explore Member Management

Local Business Directories

Cross-promote with Local Connections™, your members or sponsors, & more.

Explore Local Directories

People often ask...

Q. What types of activities can be run or managed with the app?

A. The app supports creating Scavenger Hunts, Walking Tours, Driving Tours, and more. There are options for GPS-based Apptivities as well as Beacon-based Apptivities for more granular control.

    Q. How does the pricing structure work for the app's activities?

    A. Pricing has a one-time per-stop fee with options for GPS or beacon-based activities, alongside a yearly subscription fee per activity. Bundled packages are also available.

      Q. Can the app drive foot traffic to local businesses and landmarks?

      A. Yes, getting people into your downtown, district, or community is a key benefit. it is designed to highlight and drive foot traffic to venues, businesses, historical landmarks, and points of interest.

        Q. Is it possible to run seasonal or thematic tours with the app?

        A. Yes, the app facilitates running year-round or seasonal tours like art walks, historical building tours, or holiday-themed scavenger hunts like Trick-or-Treating.

          Q. How can this app be used to promote events or support our community calendar?

          A. The app can incorporate Locable's automated community event calendar software to highlight events and encourage local and visitor participation.

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