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At Locable, we're dedicated to helping local community organizations and the businesses and nonprofits they serve to succeed by simplifying marketing into small, manageable bite-sized tasks that fit into your busy life.

Locable's software platform turns 15 minutes into effective marketing for small and mid-sized communities including chambers, small businesses, and nonprofits.

Our Distrx mobile app enables you to run walking tours, driving tours, and scavenger hunts. Didn't know Distrx was a part of Locable? Check out the announcement and webinar.

Automated content distribution and cross-promotion tools such as the self-updating calendar, directory, and job boards are unique time savers that make membership more valuable while Membership Management features handle recurring billing and payment processing in a simple and streamlined way.

The suite of tools improves email marketing, content creation and distribution, event registration, and much more all while saving time through a unique approach based on Marketing 3-4-5™.

Our understanding of communities, their marketing needs, and the challenges they face began decades ago and has been solidified as we have visited over 400 communities and conducted nearly 100 marketing workshops as part of our extensive multi-year tour (the image shows 6 weeks of our travels in 2021).

As a result, we've gained invaluable insights into the heartbeat of local community life and business operations and that has shaped our easy-to-use software and unique marketing approach that enables you to make a positive impact on your community while benefiting from the connections you make with others.

Founded on small-town values and a bold vision, Locable aims to revolutionize local marketing by developing accessible software that reconnects businesses with their communities, strengthens relationships, and makes every town a better place to live.

We believe in the importance of local stories and a strong sense of community. Our commitment to creating a "Main Street for the 21st Century" is unwavering, and we continue to evolve our ideas and strategies to better serve businesses & nonprofitspublishers and our community-wide initiatives.

Working closely with small to mid-sized Chambers of Commerce, Tourism organizations, and Main Street associations, we provide free and low-cost tools designed to make their local businesses and nonprofits more effective marketers in 15 minutes or less based on our popular Marketing 3-4-5™ approach and our recently announced community Marketing Day.

Join us in our mission to support local businesses and strengthen communities. If you share our enthusiasm for community, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us what makes where you live special, and let's work together to make a positive impact.

Brian Ostrovsky

Founder & CEO

Brian started Locable to equip local businesses, nonprofits and civic organizations to effectively share their story aka improve their marketing.

Having grown up in the small gold rush town of Placerville, CA, which has a quintessential Main Street, he saw how the community could come together and that left an indelible impression...

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Ryan Frisch

Co-founder & CTO

Ryan joined Locable in January of 2013 after spending 6 years running the websites of family-owned publications Here in Hanover, Image, and Woodstock Magazine and helping many local businesses with their websites and marketing along the way.

Having grown up around the media businesses in the small college town of Hanover, NH, he saw first-hand the important role local...

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