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How Locable Came to Be, What We Stand For & How You Can Get Involved

Locable was founded on small town values and a lofty objective: revolutionize local marketing by creating affordable software that reconnects business with the community, enriches relationships and makes each town a better place to live.

Local businesses, nonprofits and civic organizations need more – more guidance, more support and better tools to make a real impact. That's when Locable was born.

Local stories still matter and people still care about "local" and it’s for this reason that Locable is focused on creating “Main Street for the 21st Century”.

Our ideas and approaches have evolved over the years but the purpose has always remained the same and we’re even more excited about how we work with businesses & nonprofitspublishers and our community-wide initiatives to build community than when we started.

If you care about community the way I do I hope you’ll introduce yourself and share a little about what makes your town unique because when it comes to doing our part we all have a role to play!

Brian Ostrovsky

Brian Ostrovsky

Founder & CEO

Brian Ostrovsky, CEO, started Locable to equip local businesses, nonprofits and civic organizations to effectively share their story aka improve their marketing.

Having grown up in the small gold rush town of Placerville, CA, which has a quintessential Main Street, he saw how the community could come together and that left an indelible impression...

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Ryan Frisch

Ryan Frisch


Ryan joined Locable in January of 2013. Ryan focuses on software development and supporting our publisher network. Having previously launched Row43 Media, Inc., an inbound marketing and web design company who worked with many New England based publishers, Ryan brings a unique view and skillset to the table that will be instrumental in growing the company. Ryan has a MBA from Boston University and a degree in information technology from RPI.