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Empowering Community-Wide Initiatives for Chambers, Main Streets & Tourism Organizations

Stop the cat-herding - Put Your Community Calendar on Autopilot, Streamline Local Marketing, Boost Collaboration & Drive Growth with Our Comprehensive, Time-Saving Solution for Community Organizations
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It's not your job to do marketing for your merchants, it's your job to amplify their efforts. Get free tools for them and automated options for you.
Don't settle for doing fine - save you time and increase your impact 🎉

With our Community-Wide Initiative (CWI), Locable will implement the program in your community using our Coordinate Plan saving you and your team 5+ hours per week while making you a community hero.

Included in this launch program:

Our CWI Program Starts at $3,700

Contact us for special pricing for small communities or to schedule a program overview - also, ask about our Quick-Start bonuses.
*$375 value, Business pays the subscription and has the option to apply the value toward a larger plan.
Who Drives Community-Wide Initiatives?

If you're involved with a Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Association, Visitors Bureau/Tourism, City Government, Economic Development, or another "Local Anchor" this is your chance to unify your community... and make your life easier in the process.

Why your community needs to #TakeBackLocal

In today's fragmented and complex marketing landscape, small businesses and community organizations face an urgent challenge to effectively promote themselves.

The Community-Wide Initiative empowers every business to thrive and actively participate in the community through our free tools, by following a Marketing 3-4-5™ approach - explore hosting a workshop / webinar or provide merchants with our book, "Marketing 3-4-5™: The Business Owner's Guide to Effective Local Marketing in 15-Minutes or Less."

You already have real connections but it's challenging and inefficient to tap into the power of those relationships with your online marketing. Locable revolutionizes this process with our Local Connections™ tools to driviecommunity adoption, automate cross-promotion, and leverage Local Champions such as board members, business owners, nonprofit leaders, and civic organizations.

"Not another calendar! syndrome" is real and affects every community

Busy business owners don't tell you about their events, activities and specials. As a result, you have to spend hours tracking down this information or accept that providing resources are simply beyond reach.

Meanwhile, people put flyers of all types in the windows of your merchants but simply having your events appear on relevant local calendars is a repetitive, tedious, pain for you and your merchants. 

No one supports everyone, but every supports someone

Our flexible solution allows each business, nonprofit, and organization to decide what to promote, whom to support, and how to do so with a set-it-and-forget-it approach. This means their events and activities appear in your calendar, job board, etc automatically AND they can promote each other as well.

Remember, participation is free, our software is user-friendly, and we offer fantastic support even for nontechnical business owners. Now, every local business and nonprofit can seamlessly integrate our tools on their websites, fostering increased community engagement and collaboration.

Don't let your community be left behind; act now to empower and inspire local success.

Our Community-Wide Initiatives streamline community activation with a proven approach, minimizing staff workload and accelerating adoption:

  • We start by setting up your account, import your data, configure Local Connections™ and the tools you choose, and build your website (if applicable)
  • We then engage local champions (e.g., businesses, nonprofits, board members) and assist with account setup and cross-promotion
  • We utilize multiple channels (email, social media, PR) to engage local businesses
  • We seamlessly integrate cross-promotion into your community, encouraging new businesses to participate from the start
The Result - a stronger community

Finding local information is was difficult.

Our Community-Wide Initiative, powered by Local Connections™, transforms the way local information is accessed and shared in your community, anyone who has tried to find local content or information knows that finding reliable local information is hard and means going to dozens of destinations online.

Meanwhile, reaching a local audience is increasingly challenging for marketers who must post to a growing number of platforms.

The current situation is bad for everyone and every community but it doesn't have to be this way.

With a Community-Wide Initiative powered by Local Connections™, you and your community with enjoy the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive, centralized calendar for easy access to local events and activities
  • Simplified discovery of promotions, offers, and content across community websites
  • Enhanced visibility and reach for marketers targeting local audiences
  • Streamlined online promotion, akin to auto-updating flyers in merchant windows
  • A more connected and informed community, benefitting businesses and residents alike

Are you ready to get started? We're happy to do a one-on-one demo to show you how this will work for you and answer all of your questions.

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