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Mercantile™ - Automated local community commerce.

A collaborative marketplace is the easiest and only way to create and manage a shared space for your merchants and participating businesses.

Promote & sell gift cards and featured products from local small businesses.

Free for merchants, affordable for communities.

Ready For A Local Marketplace Engine?

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Business Promote Products & Gift Cards

Using our free ecommerce tools businesses can post their products and gift cards to sell online

Include Businesses in Mercantile™

You choose which businesses to include in your marketplace - you can always invite or add new businesses

Mercantile™ Stays Up-to-date

As businesses merchants edit or add to their products, Mercantile™ updates automatically

Transactions tied to merchants

All transactions are processed through the merchants account however some statistics are also available to you
How Mercantile Works

Install the Mercantile™ embed on your website (or ask how we can upgrade your website as part of our programs).

As businesses post gift cards or products to sell online, those items appear in your marketplace automatically.

The beauty, as with all of our Local Connections™ features, is that a business can participate and simply post their content to promote on their website and social media channels with Locable's free tools.

Then, it's instantly reflected in your shared space - Mercantile™, in this case.

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