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Express Email Newsletters™

Express is the fastest & easiest way for small businesses to send email newsletters - period!

Email is the most powerful distribution channel available for most local businesses but the traditional process of sending emails takes too long. Painlessly create and send email newsletters in just 2-3 minutes.

Included in the Build Plan and up.
Email marketing is impactful because people receive 100% of the messages you send, now you can painlessly distribute your content in just 2-3 minutes

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Email is a Distribution Channel

Distributing your content - blogs, events, articles, updates, etc - is important and email enables you to reach customers and partners alike.

Traditionally, email newsletters are built by adding pictures, copy, and links but this is time-consuming and it's easy to make a mistake. Ever send an email with the wrong link? We all have.

Most design & customization is a waste of effort… just look at Facebook and Instagram’s standardized content layouts. Now you can send custom newsletters with a few clicks.

With Express Email Newsletters™ by Locable, you simply select which pieces of content you'd like to include - the image, title, description, and links are all built for you, automatically!

This enables you to create and send emails in just a few minutes - like while you're waiting for that Zoom meeting to start ;)

Do you spend time creating content exclusively for your email newsletter?

Stop it, stop it right now. 

If I go to your website, don't you want me to see that content? What about people on Facebook or ranking on Google? Exactly, content should be posted to your website then distribute.

Express Email Newsletters is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way for small businesses to send email newsletters - period!
Why Email Newsletter Distribution?

The Marketing 3-4-5™ approach to creating and distributing content is surprisingly straightforward and will even help you drive more referrals - huzzah for word-of-mouth. 

While Facebook and other social media channels get most of the attention email marketing is more valuable for most businesses for a very simple reason... social media is a rented audience and the landlord doesn't care about you very much. As a result, you only reach a small fraction of your followers with every post. 

Email is different. You own your subscribers and when you send an email they get it - 100% of the time. They may not open the email or click on it but the recipient has the choice and that's powerful.

People rely on Google, spend time on social media channels such as Facebook, continue to use Email habitually, and browse businesses in their community. Your goal should be to have your content and business information appear wherever they are and that's just what you can do with. 

With your Locable account, you can post content once and reach people across the channels that matter most quickly and easily.

A repeatable approach to business blogging and creating content is the first step. From there, to ensure you reach as many people as possible, you need effective content distribution of which email is an effective part. 

Do you love supporting local?

Now, you can include content from your Local Connections™ in your email newsletters with just a click to complement how you support them in directories, community calendars, and more on your website.

Express Email

#TakeBackLocal with Express Email Newsletters™

Support your Local Connections™ by incorporating their content or information in your email with just a click.

In addition to distributing your own content, you can browse the content of your Local Connections™ then add items with a click. The pictures, content, links etc are all preformatted so you can support local in less time than it takes to hang a flyer in your window.

If you run a business, this is a great way to share content from others you endorse. If you run a nonprofit, this is a great way to show businesses that support you some love. If you're a Main Street or Chamber of Commerce, is enables you to increase membership value and deliver new value to your merchants.

Use Locable to quickly create and distribute content

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