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Self-Updating Community Calendar Software for your website - auto-populate local events

What if you could have a great community calendar without all of the manual & time-consuming legwork? 

Are you tired of herding cats trying to get merchants in your small to mid-sized community to add their events to your calendar or report changes? Yea, this is different!

  • Effortless event aggregation - display events automatically
  • Hassle-free management: Set-and-forget functionality with advanced moderation options
  • Customizable event calendars for your website: Organize by topic, event type, and more
  • Leverage Local Connections™: Invite local businesses and community partners to promote their events and collaborate
  • Seamless integration with Express Email Newsletters: Feature events in your marketing emails with just one click

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Community calendar software for local connectors and community organizations such as Main Street Associations & Downtowns, Tourism / CVBs, and Chambers of Commerce.
A Community Calendar on autopilot with event moderation and configuration options to fit your needs

A Community Calendar doesn't have to suck

Learn how to ignite engagement and drive growth despite traditional challenges and use software to automatically populate your calendar. Access our guide & webinar

Overcoming Fragmentation aka Not Another Calendar Syndrome

The fragmented nature of the internet poses significant challenges for local business owners who lack time and resources.

Community calendars often fail to serve their purpose due to the lack content and require excessive oversight. We tackle this issue by automatically distributing events from participating businesses to relevant local websites including your calendar. Locable's free tools can be used to add their events to their own website and promote or we can import events from existing robust calendars.

Our solution enables everyone to participate, adding value to local businesses and nonprofits while making events more accessible for locals and visitors.

(Webinar + How-to) Learn how to build a transformative community calendar, leverage community partners, engage businesses, and deliver unmatched value to locals and visitors with less buys-work and cat-herding.

Events can also be shared with a single click via Express Email Newsletters and pushed to Google through our Google Business Profile integration, streamlining local marketing efforts.

More Than a Community Calendar

There is no one place online for people to find out what's happening in your community, your Main Street or Downtown, Chamber, or DMO - that's a problem!

In the real world, merchants have flyers in their windows, coffee shops have flyers on cork boards, enabling a visitor to "discover" local activities. This is a powerful form of cross-promotion that is finally also available online.

While a centralized calendar is an important part of what we enable, we also help ensure that events get distributed to the websites of local merchants, nonprofits and other civic organizations. 

This distribution enables small communities to reach tens of thousands of people every month, automatically, for free, through their Local Connections™

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Discover How Locable can Transform Your Community

Experience a live demo of our software including our Community Calendar, approach, and programs, get answers to your specific questions, and find out how Locable can save you hours every week.

Self-Updating Community Calendars incorporate with and extend our powerful yet time-saving tools such as: 

Use the Locable Community Calendar with your existing website or leverage our local website engine to consolidate your marketing and operations with Locable.

Main Streets, Downtowns, Chambers, Visitor's Authorities / DMO's and More can take advantage of our additional tools to power directories, job boards, volunteer boards, coupons and offers boards, and more.

Event Distribution & Ticketing

Promote and distribute your events, sell tickets, track registrations and more.

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Membership Management CRM

Simplify merchant communication, grow membership, automate billing, & more.

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Local Business Directories

Cross-promote with Local Connections™, your members or sponsors, & more.

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Learn More About Locable for Your Community?

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People often ask...

Q. Can I add this to my existing website?

A. Yep, there are a couple of integration options and if you need a website upgrade, we can help with that.

Q. Can I control what appears on my calendar(s)?

A. Definitely. Different subscription plans include different moderation options ranging from whose events to include to event-level approvals and categorization.

Q. How is this different from other calendar options?

A. There are many good calendar systems but Locable is the only system built to update automatically when businesses or community partners promote their events online. We provide free event promotion tools that folks can use on their website, to distribute events to social, sync to their Google Business Profile, and distributes to calendars in the community. We can also import events from existing calendars.

Q. Do people have to sign up or have an account to participate?

A. Yes. Each business, nonprofit, organization, or service club needs a Locable account. This provides a few benefits: we can ensure they're real people, they can promote their own events across the internet not just your website, they can update their own events, other organizations can "support them", and they can support you back so your events and content appear on their website.