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Call-to-Action Management

Turn website traffic into leads, email subscribers, and buyers with Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

See which CTAs are converting, update them centrally, and reuse them whenever you create new content.

You can also feature sponsors (ads) on your website ;)

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Centrally manage your website's CTAs so you can update them one time, everywhere!

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Improve Your Website Conversion with CTAs

Create a CTA in Seconds

Getting someone to your website is great but you want them to take an action such as calling, scheduling an appointment, buying online, or coming into your store.

A strong CTA helps a visitor take the next step on your website when reading your webpages, blog posts, and more.

Update CTAs with new offers, as seasons change, or when you want to try new things all without having to change your website.

You can test different offers, compare which is most effective, and see their performance in real-time.

Simplify Your Local Marketing with Locable

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Always include a call-to-action to get readers to take action with clearly communicated next-steps.

Without CTA’s, your website and content may be like a cul-de-sac where people drive in, look at the pretty houses (pictures), and then turn around and leave. Engaging content that doesn’t spur action isn’t very helpful for your business. 

For most, prompting someone to “Visit Us Today", "Learn More" or "View Our Upcoming Events” is great. This is a chance to expose your new visitors to more content and, again, it's an internal link Google will follow.

Connects to Integrated CRM

A submitted form is just the beginning. In addition to notifying you and your team, their information is stored so you can add details, take notes and more.

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From Lead to Customer Reviews

Leads often come in through a form submission on your website but once they become a customer you can easily generate Customer Reviews and referrals.

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Google My Business (GMB) Integration

Link your Locable account to your GMB profile then when you update your website you instantly update your Google Maps results and more.

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