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Tap into the Power of Your Local Connections™

Free and Low-Cost Marketing Tools for Busy Local Businesses

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Locable simplifies local marketing and enables you to tap into the power of your Local Connections through easy-to-use tools
Because Local Marketing Kinda Sucks

We built Locable to help local businesses address 3 common things we see with local businesses...



Business owners/operators don't know what to do to effectively market their business i.e. you need ideas and instruction



Business owners/operators don't have the tools they need to do it effectively i.e. everything is hard, takes a lot of time and usually doesn't work



Business owners/operator can't effectively tap into the power of their Local Connections and community involvement with their marketing

Why pay a web developer thousands of dollars when you can use Locable's Marketing Platform to build your own website, with their help. Then I can maintain this myself and don't have to pay for updates. My content will be fresh which is important in the furniture industry.

Dave Moyer

Benjamin Moyer Furniture

Trust the Locable team, they do have your best interest at heart, they have systems to make it easy to share your message with your current and future customers.

Karen Maroot

Central California Life Magazine

Making local marketing online as easy as a stroll down Main Street

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