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Integrated Local Contact Management and Company Database

Track up to 100 contacts and unlimited companies

Included in our free Engage Plan.

*Track up to 500 in our Build plan starting at $24.99/month
Use our CRM as your primary contact database or simply in conjunction with our broader local marketing tools including: Web Forms, Customer Reviews, and Local Connections™

Company Database

Track, add notes, and collaborate with companies, gauge potential reach through cross-promotion and link to contacts.

Contact Database

Track people, add notes, request and manage customer reviews, link to companies.

When an Instant Contact Page or web form is completed, you'll be notified and the data is added to your contact database. When they become a customer you can request Customer Reviews to generate more referrals and endorsements.

Add Companies*

Select companies already in our database or add your own. *Includes nonprofits

Add Notes

Notes help you keep track of your conversations

Linked People & Companies

Knowing which people work, volunteer or are involved with which companies is important
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