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Local Connections™: Automate Local Cross-Promotion & Collaboration

Tap into the power of your local connections to increase reach and generate more local awareness by automating cross-promotion & distribution.

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Local Connections™ helps business cross-promote each other and represent their authentic local relationships and community involvement automatically online. This drives exposure, reach & referrals. And it’s entirely free to use.
“We're currently working on building a better community outreach with causes that resonate with our mission and the tools you're providing here are the perfect key to helps us achieve thatThank you Locable!… keep saving the world” - Paz Merino, Studio e

Add Companies*

Select companies already in our database or add your own to the free CRM. *Includes nonprofits

Define Your Networks

Organize your relationships into networks, group them however you'd like for maximum flexibility

Create Community Embeds

Choose how you'd like to promote your community: directories, sponsors, calendars and more

Install on Your Website

Once installed, the embedded tool updates automatically as new content is available
Real-World Relationships with a Digital Twist

Cross-promotion and collaboration is nothing new in local marketing, you already have established Local Connections™, it's just been challenging and inefficient to tap into the power of those relationships with your online marketing. Until now...

Local Connections™ is a social network that appears on websites throughout your community.

At a time when nearly every tech company, startup and big business is working against local, against communities... We're equipping community organizations, businesses and nonprofits to #TakeBackLocal.

We're working to make communities stronger by helping local businesses, causes and charities grow their brands, become more profitable and make a bigger impact.

It's like turning your real-world relationships into an online referral network!

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Ways to use Local Connections™ to Highlight Local Content


Locable Connections™: Community Marketing & Cross-Promotion Tools enable you to feature businesses and organizations on your website in a few different ways and they update automatically*.

Here are a few local marketing ideas, with Local Connections™ you can:

  • Add a dynamic directory to your website to help visitors explore how you're connected
  • Add sponsors for your event or organization
  • Add a community calendar, job board, or volunteer opportunities board
  • Add a local coupons or local offers section

These self-sustaining content feeds can be added to a website as a supplement to what's already there, as a replacement to existing content, or as a micro-site adjacent to the primary website.

*These are dynamic because they update whenever the business or cause posts new information such as updates their contact information, collects customer reviews, posts events or offers, etc. As a result, the data is always up to date and always accurate without any additional effort.

See how Local Connections' reach compares to Facebook

A few examples of relationships you may want to promote include your relationship with:

  • other local business owners - friends, family, fellow church parishioners and acquaintances you respect
  • local nonprofits or causes you support with your time, talents or resources - coaching Little League, troop leader Girl Scouts or maybe you just let the local drama club and sports teams hang their flyers in your window or on a corkboard
  • formal business organizations like a Chamber, Main Street Association, Lead Generation Group (such as BNI or LeTip) or a service organization such as Rotary
  • cross-promoting other businesses in your shopping center

With Local Connections™, we're changing the way businesses and other local organizations connect and support each other online.

Generally the answer is no. This hurts the business because they should benefit from that goodwill and it hurts the organizations they support because there's missed opportunity to reach.

Do local websites effectively highlight community involvement and relationships?

Think about a business that is active in their community… perhaps they volunteer, support local nonprofits or sports teams, they regularly recommend and endorse other local businesses etc.

Participation in Cross-Promotion is Entirely Free

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Chambers, Main Street Associations, Visitor Bureaus

Leverage Local Connections™ to automate the promotion of your member's activities

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Community-Wide Initiatives

Fully leverage Local Connections™ with a coordinated community-wide initiative

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