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Upgrade your website's contact page for free

Our Instant Contact Page™ is an effective replacement for lackluster contact pages.

Your contact page is usually the last thing people see before they take-action or take-off, let's make it easy for them to connect with you!

Instant Contact Page™ and Basic Web Forms are included in our free Engage plan.

*Advanced form features are available on our paid plans.
Want to keep your Google My Business and Google Maps info in sync with your website's contact page? We can do that...

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Improve Your Contact Page in About 2-Minutes


There are a lot of bad "contact pages" out there.

Old data, incorrect data, or simply lacking key information customers are looking for can cost you.

More than that, have you ever struggled to keep track of form submissions or email notifications?

You'll love your new Instant Contact Page™

Your Instant Contact Page™ by Locable can be added to any webpage.

It displays your contact information, includes a map and contact form by default. Plus, all of your social media profiles and hours-of-operation are displayed prominently.

Need to update some information on your Instant Contact Page™?

No problem. Update the form by updating your Locable account information PLUS your information on Google My Business* and local directories utilizing Local Connections™ will be updated instantly, in real-time!

Do you have an announcement for changes to your hours or the evolving COVID situation? Add it to your Locable account and it will appear on your Instant Contact Page™ too.

*Google My Business (GMB) requires you to link your GMB account and approve Locable to make updates - it takes just a couple of minutes to do and we're happy to give you a hand ;) 

Contact Pages and Basic Web Forms are critical last-steps in converting a website visitor into a lead or customer. 

We make it fast and easy to create, deploy, and manage forms and form submissions.

All forms are connected to your Locable account's Local Contact Management Database & CRM where you can add details, take notes, and even request customer reviews.

When forms are completed, we notify everyone who needs to be notified via email and the data is added to your CRM so you can find it later even if you delete the notification email.

Better yet, when they become a customer you can request Customer Reviews and generate more leads.

*We generate an embed code for each form so adding to your website is as easy as embedding a YouTube video. If you would like a hand, we can install it for you for a nominal fee.

Create Form & Select Fields

Pick from pre-defined form fields that map to the CRM

Select Fields and Layout

Choose between 5 form layout... include a map, a description or both.

Add to Website

Add one line of code to your website then update the form whenever you'd like

Collect Submissions

Submitted forms can be emailed to any or all users and are stored in your account's CRM
Here is an Instant Contact Page™ example we created for ourselves

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