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Locable vs Mailchimp

Efficient and Affordable Email Marketing for Community Organizations and Small Businesses with Locable, Starting at Just $27/mo.
*when paid annually

Mailchimp is a renowned leader in the email marketing industry, known for its advanced automation features, comprehensive reporting, and a wide range of templates. It provides a scalable solution that offers advanced features for larger businesses.

In contrast, Locable is an alternative to Mailchimp tailored to the needs of smaller businesses and organizations that require a simplified, efficient, and affordable solution for email marketing. With truly integrated marketing and time-saving features, including Express Email Newsletters and the unique 'email as a distribution channel for content' approach, Locable provides a streamlined alternative to traditional email marketing platforms.

3 Reasons to Choose Locable over Mailchimp

Designed for Simplicity: Locable's Express Email Newsletter feature is designed to be the fastest and easiest way for small businesses to send email newsletters. There's no need for design work, copy-pasting, or formatting. Everything - from images and titles to descriptions and links - is automatically generated for you.

Learn why you should break free from Drag-and-Drop email and watch as we send 5k email newsletters in under 5-minutes.

"It used to take me 3 hours to do my newsletter (with Mailchimp), now it takes me like 30 seconds." - Jayme Chapin, Go! Augusta

Showcase Your Local Connections: Locable's unique approach allows you to use email as a distribution channel for your content - and your connections' content. This approach is superior, faster, and less error-prone than the traditional drag-and-drop method. For Chambers of Commerce, Main Street Associations, and Business Associations with members, Express Email can be quickly used alongside Membership Management database and billing features.

Integrated Marketing Tools at Affordable Prices: Locable provides an integrated suite of marketing tools specifically designed for local businesses. All these tools are bundled together in our affordable software plans, providing a comprehensive solution that is a fraction of the cost of Mailchimp. This integration simplifies your marketing efforts, saving you time and money while maximizing your local impact.

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When to Choose Mailchimp

Both Locable and Mailchimp offer comprehensive tools for email marketing, including features such as email newsletters, contact management, and analytics. However, our approaches and focus areas differ significantly. 

Mailchimp might be a better option when you need:

  • A drag-and-drop email editor for detailed design customization
  • Extensive email marketing features with a variety of templates
  • Advanced automation features
  • A/B testing capabilities

In the event that this describes you, Locable's Express Email Newsletter and marketing features can be used alongside Mailchimp... notably, you can use Express to rapidly distribute content while using Mailchimp for your advanced functionality.

What makes Locable's Express Email Newsletters different from other email marketing tools?

Locable's Express Email Newsletters simplify the process of creating and sending emails. Instead of manually adding pictures, copy, and links, you simply select the content you'd like to include, and everything is built for you automatically.

How does Locable's 'email as a distribution channel for content' approach work?

Instead of creating new content for each email, you can leverage the content you've already created on your website. This approach makes email marketing simpler and faster, as you're not recreating the wheel every time you need to send an email.

What are Local Connections™ in Locable?

Local Connections™ are businesses or organizations in your local community that you can connect with on Locable. You can include their content in your email newsletters with just a click, helping you support local businesses and foster community engagement.

What about support?

Locable provides fantastic support for all users however accounts on our Grow and Coordinate Plans enjoy our Unlimited Support Guarantee - you'll never pay to get unstuck.

Need implementation support?

We offer a number of implementation programs to essentially eliminate all work related to implementing Locable. You simply provide your subscriber information via Excel or Google Sheets and we handle the rest of the setup - you can easily export your subscribers from Mailchimp.