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Board Members Guide: Unlock Potential & Build a Stronger Community

Your Main Street, Chamber or DMO has big goals - equip your staff and volunteers to fulfill your mission

Locable's software and support help address the most common issues facing small to midsized community organizations

  • Grow team performance and impact
  • Eliminate low-level cat-herding that leads to burnout
  • Empower community partners and local businesses
  • Improve board visibility & board participation
  • De-stress turnover and improve succession planning
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Equip your community & empower your staff

Are you on the board of a small to mid-sized Chamber, DMO, or Main Street / Downtown / Improvement District? Then there are a few things you should know about Locable.

Whether you set the goals and strategy for your staff to execute or are more involved in the day-to-day, everything is harder, more time-consuming, and more likely to burn out the staff if you have the wrong tools.

We want to help your staff feel fulfilled and appreciated by freeing them from the soul-crushing activities that are all too common so they can focus on things they enjoy that rally your community.

Locable's all-in-one solution combines software and our unique Marketing 3-4-5™ approach to transform small to midsized Main Streets & Downtowns, DMO's and Tourism organizations, and Chambers of Commerce while saving your staff 5 hours or more per week... Say goodbye to busywork and hello to becoming a local hero!

Set the tone in your community and make an impact

Engage locals and visitors, equip businesses and support your partners to improve the quality of life by putting your community's best foot forward - everyday.

Highlight Local Events & Activities

You can't reach your potential if you don't grow your brand and influence

Locable transforms your community calendar, business directory and listings, and more thanks to our Local Connections™ technology that automatically distributes content enabling cross-promotion with minimal effort.

Our self-updating tools are like a digital version of the bulletin board you see at a coffee shop or a flyer in the window of a storefront on Main Street.

Traditional approaches require soul-crushing activities that we eliminate through automation - see our community calendar how-to and webinar here for more on what's required and what Locable can do to support your team.

Equip Local Businesses for Success

Provide access to free tools that transform their marketing to reach their goals

If businesses are not part of the solution then you don't have a solution, you have a hustle and that's just an unsustainable path to burnout. More than that, businesses need to take responsibility for their own success and our free and low-cost tools ensure they can be successful in just minutes.

Check out this short video about how a restaurant in Monticello IA has received transformative benefits by 'doing the bare minimum' through Locable.

All-in-One Marketing and Communication Solutions

Effective marketing traditionally requires multiple different tools which adds cost and complexity, it doesn't have to be this way

Locable provides a turnkey platform built for small to midsized communities which means there's one place your staff needs to go, one support team, and one bill to pay. For most, Locable is less expensive and a better fit compared to your current mix of tools and we're always a time saver.

Get even more benefits from our integrated Membership Management and recurring billing, Express Email Newsletter technology, and Event Registration features, to name a few. All of these are connected to a streamlined CRM to ensure your organization can operate efficiently and you'll have better visibility throughout the process.

When turnover and succession inevitably happen with your staff or volunteer team, we streamline that handoff and simplify the ecosystem for your new personnel. 

Want Our Community Calendar Playbook & Checklist?

Create a great community calendar with minimal effort and become a hero to all in your community (maybe not that last one).

Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework & Approach

Marketing 3-4-5™ Book Cover and Kindle Image

Effective marketing drives economic development and communities thrive

Promote your community, partners, and businesses to attract more visitors to your community, support economic development activities, and do it all quickly and easily without neglecting your many other responsibilities.

Our whole approach is based on the Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework and approach which is designed to make you effective at marketing without having to become an expert at marketing

Click here to learn about utilizing Marketing 3-4-5™ to start effectively marketing your community

Learn how your community can become a Locable community
Get up and running quickly to transform your community and eliminate busywork for good

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