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Discover More of What You Love: Distrx is now a part of Locable for Community Fun & Engagement

February 2nd, 2024

Locable, a leading provider of marketing solutions for small to mid-sized & rural communities and small businesses, is excited to announce the acquisition of Distrx, a mobile app designed to enrich the experiences of Main Street communities. This strategic move is set to revolutionize how locals and travelers engage with the heart of America's towns and cities.

“We are thrilled to join the Locable family to add to Locable’s comprehensive community marketing approach,” said Ron Cook, CEO and Founder of Distrx. “We created Distrx to provide Main Streets and downtowns a location-aware mobile app to reach today’s huge mobile audience. Now as part of Locable, mobile users will have all they need to know about every participating community – all in the palm of their hand. Community managers can share their story through engaging interactive walking tours, scavenger hunts and other ‘apptivities’. With the addition of the Distrx mobile app, Locable’s all-in-one technology and approach will further enhance community engagement, saving community managers time and money."

New Apptivities for Enhanced Engagement

The acquisition introduces exciting 'Apptivities' within Distrx app, including scavenger hunts, walking tours, and driving tours, all of which can be enriched with multimedia elements. These interactive experiences promise to bring communities to life, offering unique and memorable ways to explore local offerings. 

Continued Free Access for Communities and Businesses

In line with Locable's commitment to supporting local communities, the Distrx app will continue to be free for communities and businesses with either a free or paid Locable account. This ensures that the benefits of the app are accessible to a wide range of users, furthering Locable's mission to empower local economies.

Integration of Locable's Local Connections™ Technology

Locable's proprietary Local Connections™ technology automates content distribution for more than 100 communities and thousands of small businesses and powers our incredibly popular self-updating community calendar allowing business events to seamlessly appear on Main Street calendars and job postings on relevant job boards without any extra effort by participants saving Main Streets, Chambers, and DMOs hours ever week. 

The potential to integrate this data enhances Locable’s publish-once-appear-everywhere goals and represents a significant step forward in simplifying local marketing efforts.

Enhancing Discovery for Travelers

The Distrx app is set to equip travelers with the tools needed to discover more great stops and complement in-real-life (IRL) wayfinding and flagpole destinations.

Locable's CEO, Brian Ostrovsky, who personally experienced the richness of American road trips visiting over 400 communities through a 27-month cross-country Marketing 3-4-5™ Tour, and continues to visit communities that host workshops for businesses envisions a future where the Distrx app will recommend hidden gems in addition to traditional online discovery channels making every journey even more rewarding.

"We are thrilled about the possibilities this acquisition brings," said Brian Ostrovsky, CEO of Locable. "During my family's extensive travels, we realized the immense potential for a tool like Distrx to unveil the full spectrum of experiences that Main Street America has to offer. With Distrx, we aim to enhance our class-defining offerings, making it easier for both travelers and locals to discover the best of what our communities have to offer."

Join Us in Taking Back Local

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Locable's journey to #TakeBackLocal. By leveraging Distrx's capabilities, Locable is set to offer an unparalleled experience for those exploring America's vibrant and up-and-coming communities. We invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter as we continue to support and celebrate the heart and soul of local America.

We'll be featuring 3 upcoming webinars for current Distrx users and anyone interested in learning more about what Locable and the Distrx app can do for their community.

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