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Our Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework helps make local businesses effective at marketing without having to become experts at marketing.

Effective marketing gives small business owners a choice.

The choice to raise prices, the choice of the sorts of customers to work with, the choice of employees, and even the choice of what their business becomes.

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"The workshop was above and beyond what I expected! I learned so much and Brian’s teaching style is relaxed and easy to follow. Really liked the workbook as well." Mary Helmer, State Coordinator at Main Street Alabama

The Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework is Focused on the Following 3 Components

3 Reasons to Do Marketing

Attract Customers | Grow Your Team | Support the Community

4 Reasons People Choose to Work with You

Experience | Expertise | Likability | Values

5 Ways People Find You

Direct Traffic | Ads & Social Media | Email Newsletters | Google | Local Connections

The Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop

At each Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop, we'll guide attendees through how to create their own marketing and content plan for their business or nonprofit following our proven plain-English approach.

They'll learn how...

  • To take inventory of their 3, 4, and 5 so they can identify their unique benefits and capabilities in order to clearly communicate why people should work with them
  • To continually create compelling content, quickly and without having to be creative or a particularly good writer
  • People find you and how to reach them on multiple channels with a single primary activity using the Marketing 3-4-5™ Content Distribution Method i.e. rank higher on Google, get more out of social media, email marketing, and cross-promotion
  • Common marketing misconceptions and mistakes keep people from being effective
  • To grow customer reviews and referrals systematically
  • To structure a website for 3 types of visitors and rank on Google
  • To tap into the power of their Local Connections™ to reach more people and support their community - automatically!

Testimony From a Previous Workshop Host


"The presentation was filled with great ideas. Brian made us look at several marketing practices we are currently doing in a different and out-of-the-box way. It was fun to think with someone who has a different lens who can zoom out and see other ways that could be more effective."

- Peg Raney, Executive Director of Jefferson Matters: Main Street

Be a local hero. Host an affordable marketing workshop which teaches our simple approach and a provides a free tool to help your merchants get started.

Virtual 3-4-5 Workshop™

Starting at $750
Via Webinar

For up to 10 attendees, $25 per additional attendee

Tour Stop 3-4-5 Workshop™

Starting at $750
Travel expenses included

For up to 10 attendees, $25 per additional attendee
Includes 2-hours of office hours
Your choice of a video or 3 Professional Assistance Lite websites

Onsite 3-4-5 Workshop™

Starting at $2,500 
Plus travel expenses

For up to 50 attendees, $25 per additional attendee
Includes 2-hours of office hours
Your choice of a video or 3 Professional Assistance Lite websites

Every Workshop Includes

A Marketing 3-4-5TM Workbook for each attendee 
A Free Locable Account
Post workshop discounts for those who need a new or updated website

Ready to bring our Marketing 3-4-5 Framework™ to your home town?

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