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Host a Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop

Every local business can be effective at marketing without having to become a marketing expert.

Attendees will learn to use simple proven 10-15 minute activities to leverage their authenticity and relationships.

Starting at just $1500*

*Price assumes your community is on our Coordinate Plan

This video introduces the benefits of attending Locable's Marketing 3-4-5™ workshop.

Marketing 3-4-5™ Book Cover and Kindle Image

Brian is the author of "Marketing 3-4-5™: The Business Owner's Guide to Effective Local Marketing in 15-Minutes or Less" (available in Paperback and Kindle versions).

The workshop guides attendees through a series of simple exercises to build a marketing plan for their business in just 2-hours.

Bring Locable to Your Community

Locable’s workshop incorporates our Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework and simple guidance with proven real-world examples to make you and your merchants more effective marketers.

Attendees build their own marketing and content plan as we guide them through the Marketing 3-4-5™ approach during our 2-hour workshop. It is focused on their goals including using marketing to:

  • attract ideal customers
  • improve hiring & retention - too few businesses know that marketing can help with hiring
  • and to positively impact the community

We focus on simplifying the process of creating and distributing content through our prompt-based approach so anyone can create content in under 15-minutes without any creativity or any particular writing skills.

The distribution conversation shows people how their content efficiently flows from their website to social media, email marketing, local sites through cross-promotion, and helps them rank higher on Google through a simple repeatable process rather than multiple disconnected activities. 

The Marketing 3-4-5™ Nationwide Tour

In June 2020, Locable's CEO Brian Ostrovsky, his wife Shannon, and their 5 kids launched their cross-country in an RV visiting with communities and documenting their trip on Instagram.

The Ostrovsky's traveled continuously for 27 months and visited more than 400 communities enabling Brian to conduct more than 70 Marketing 3-4-5™ workshops and hundreds of webinars, in addition to sessions at Main Street Now National Conference, PA Downtown conf, NC Main Street Conf, FL Main Street Conf, Main Street Maine directors, Main Street Arkansas directors, and Main Street Alabama directors - local and Zoom-based workshops continue...

Brian is a Marketing Strategist with an MBA from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

Learn more about Brian's background and his 10-year journey leading Locable and working to help you #TakeBackLocal

Main Street Alabama Logo
"The workshop was above and beyond what I expected! I learned so much and Brian’s teaching style is relaxed and easy to follow. Really liked the workbook as well." Mary Helmer, State Coordinator at Main Street Alabama

Effective marketing gives small business owners a choice

The choice to raise prices, the choice of the sorts of customers to work with, the choice of employees, and even the choice of what their business becomes.

The Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop provides a structured approach for every local business and nonprofit

At each Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop, we'll guide attendees through creating their own marketing and content plan for their business or nonprofit following our proven plain-English approach.

Marketing 3-4-5™ is designed to make you effective and efficient by using local marketing and SEO secrets to work smarter not harder. This, then, enables you to benefit from Content Marketing without having to be creative or a particularly good writer. Reach more of the right people with less time and expense.

At the end of the day, we simplify marketing for small businesses and address their common questions including:

  • "I don't want to have to figure it out on my own"
  • "I don't know where to start"
  • "I don't want to waste time or money"

Most things that can change your life require a significant commitment to change your behavior. Marketing 3-4-5™ isn't one of them. 

The 2-hour Marketing 3-4-5™ workshop helps attendees:

  • Understand the purpose of marketing (attracting customers, growing and maintaining your team and impacting your community)
  • Clearly communicating what makes you unique and why people should work with you vs others
  • How people find you and how to reach them on multiple different channels with one primary activity
  • Take inventory of your unique benefits & capabilities to quickly create content in the future
  • Create compelling content by Highlighting a Creation, Demonstrating Professional Service Successes, and various forms of Employee Recognition Content
  • Learn the role and use of Power Words aka high emotion words - Imagine using quick, proven and convenient techniques guaranteed to make you more efficient!
  • Avoid op mistakes in local marketing 
  • Grow customer reviews and referrals systematically
  • Structure a website for 3 types of visitors, rank on Google and get more out of Social Media
  • and, Tap Into the Power of Your Local Connections™ to reach more people and support your community - Automatically!

Again, this program will NOT turn you into a marketing expert, ninja or superstar

It will make YOU effective and efficient by using local marketing & SEO secrets everyone should know, by working smarter not harder...

"I've seen a lot of different marketing [concepts], but this one is different. This is one I can actually do and immediately see the value/potential." - Chris W., Financial Services

The Marketing 3-4-5™ online training course will be announced shortly.

Hear from a few more of our previous hosts

Jefferson Matters Main Street Iowa

"The presentation was filled with great ideas. Brian made us look at several marketing practices we are currently doing in a different and out-of-the-box way. It was fun to think with someone who has a different lens who can zoom out and see other ways that could be more effective."

- Peg Raney, Executive Director of Jefferson Matters: Main Street

Main Street Iowa

In July of 2019, Locable visited 5 Main Street Iowa Communities as a mini-tour..."Your presence has made a positive impact in our state's program" - Michael Wagler, Main Street Iowa State Coordinator

"This will be helpful to us (Evanston Main Street) and our promotions members. I think a future attendee should expect to learn how to effectively, authentically and easily market their business online and in-person." - Mieke Madrid, Evanston Wyoming Main Street
Main Street Mason City Iowa
“It felt great to be the host organization and to have other community partners thank us for hosting and having them attend!… 
Also, [we learned] that there is a HUGE interest in the community about learning more on the topic!” - Emily Ginneberge, Director Main Street Mason City
Main Street Ottumwa Logo
“The workshop definitely opened a lot of eyes to the spaces on the internet that we ‘own’ and the spaces we ‘rent’”.
Even our most technologically hesitant attendee was ready to jump into collecting email addresses for a business newsletter.” - Fred Zesiger, Director Main Street Ottumwa
Maine Downtown Center Logo

"The feedback I received from few participants was that 10/10 they would recommend the workshop to others!" - Adam Burk, Program Director Main Street Maine

Be a local hero. Host a workshop. Equip your businesses and merchants.

Virtual Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop

Starting at $1500

Via Webinar

For up to 10 attendees, $25 per additional attendee

Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop Tour Stop

Starting at $1500*

Travel expenses included

For up to 10 attendees, $25 per additional attendee

Popular Add-ons:

Afternoon "marketing office hours" (2-hours)
A community explainer video 
3 Professional Assistance Lite websites for local businesses

Stand-Alone Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop

Starting at $2,500 

Plus travel expenses

For up to 50 attendees, $25 per additional attendee


Afternoon "marketing office hours" (2-hours)
Your choice of an explainer video, a Professional Assistance Lite website, or another 2-hour block of office hours
Every Workshop or Webinar Includes

2-Hour Marketing 3-4-5™ Workshop
Workbook for each attendee 
Free Locable Account & Setup Assistance
Post-workshop discounts for those who need a new or updated website

*When scheduled in conjunction with other tour stops in your region. Discounted starting price is shown for Locable communities i.e. those implementing a community-wide marketing program, community calendar, and/or community resources.

Ready to bring Marketing 3-4-5™ to your home town?

Prior Hosts

Downtown Camden

Downtown Camden

1000 Lyttleton Street

Camden, SC 29020

Downtown Cheyenne

Downtown Cheyenne

109 W. 17th Street

Cheyenne, WY 82001

(307) 433-9730
Downtown Statesville Development Corp.

Downtown Statesville Development Corp.

104 Court St., Ste B

PO Box 205 (28687)

Statesville, NC 28677

Downtown Sykesville Connection

Downtown Sykesville Connection

7566 Main Street

Suite 302

Sykesville, MD 21784

(410) 216-4543
Evanston Main Street

Evanston Main Street

1200 Main Street

Evanston, WY 82930


Explore Holton / Jackson County Chamber of Commerce

104 W 5th St.

Holton, TX 66436

Greenfield Main Street

Greenfield Main Street

(317) 649-0890
Maine Downtown Center Program

Maine Downtown Center Program

2 Beech Street

Hallowell, ME 04347

Main Street Alabama

Main Street Alabama

880 Montclair Road

Suite #245

Birmingham, AL 35213

Main Street Central, SC

Main Street Central, SC

1442 W. Main St.

Central, SC 29630

Main Street Fort Meade

Main Street Fort Meade

214 W. Broadway

Ste B

Fort Meade, FL 33841

Rawlins DDA/Main Street

Rawlins DDA/Main Street

116 4th Street

Rawlins, WY 82301

(307) 328-2099


307 E. Front Street

Statesville, NC 28677

Town of Mount Airy

Town of Mount Airy

110 S. Main St

Mount Airy, MD 21771


Wilson Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 1146

Wilson, NC 27894

In summary (from our talk at Main Street Now 2021 session)

The local marketing talk received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with attendees praising the presentation's informative and engaging nature. Key highlights included practical ideas for small business growth, the value of community support, and the importance of local collaboration.

Attendees appreciated the actionable content, real-time takeaways, and valuable tips shared during the talk. The speaker, Brian, was commended for his dynamic presentation style, knowledge, and charisma. Most appreciated that the talk didn't push them to purchase any services.

Business blogging and effective promotions were notable topics, with many attendees eager to implement the ideas shared. Despite some finding the content entry-level, many expressed a desire to rewatch the presentation or explore further collaboration with Locable.

Overall, the talk was well-received and left a lasting impression on the audience.