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Don’t Let Your Community Settle for just “Doing Fine”

Better fulfill your mission through collaboration to support your community while reducing costs and staff requirements.

Implement a Community-Wide Initiative, powered by Locable’s Marketing Platform.

Community-Wide Marketing Collaboration Initiatives

If you're involved with an organization that's a local anchor (Chamber, Main Street Association, Local Publication, Public Organization, etc), this is your chance to unify your community.

Build on our Local Connections™ technology to launch a coordinated community-wide effort that runs on autopilot.


Community Events Calendar


Community Offers


Community Jobs Board


Community Volunteer Opportunities Board

Here's the Thing

Every prominent local organization has a website; an online calendar, job board, or volunteer opportunity board; and a mandate to support their members or local constituents and yet nearly every organization has the same problem...
Finding, posting, and managing local content is hard, time-consuming, and incredibly redundant - incredibly!
Simply having Chamber events appear on the City website or the Library events appear on the Parks & Rec website, for example, is a tedious undertaking. This is multiplied as you increase the amount of content you'd' like on your website or, if you're posting content, the number of places you'd like your content to appear. When you start adding in local business and nonprofit content it's simply impossible.

Avoid "Not Another Calendar! Syndrome"

A shared community content database is the answer. Our free Local Connections™ features addresses this content distribution challenge in an organic way but a community-wide initiative takes it farther by creating a coordinated effort.

Typically, this effort will be spearheaded by the most prominent local organizations including:
  • City Governments & Economic Development
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Library Systems
  • School Districts
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Main Street Districts / Merchant Associations / Downtowns
  • Local Publishers
  • Prominent Churches and Nonprofits
A core local group ensures immediate program efficacy as their content is shared between initial participants. Their mutual interest in adding local organizations guarantees broader awareness and participation. 

Growing Participation

Remember, it's free for all to participate and, because we provide easy-to-use tools that local businesses and nonprofits can use directly on their own websites, it's easy to increase participation. After all, they distribute their content automatically simply by updating their own website!

We also offer premium implementation and support options to ensure a well run campaign, import and synchronize content from existing calendars or job boards, and handle community outreach and onboarding activities.

Collaborative Marketing is the unfair local advantage

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Countless Possibilities

The Win-Win Solution

Anyone who has tried to find local content or information knows that finding reliable local information is hard and means going to dozens of destinations online. Meanwhile, reaching a local audience is increasingly challenging for marketers who must post to a growing number of platforms.

The current situation is bad for everyone and every community but it doesn't have to be this way.

We know that each organization has their own priorities when it comes to content in general and events in particular. Because of this, we’ll work with you to handle the integration and any necessary custom development to ensure evert organization is able to deliver an experience that's right for them. 

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