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Locable Marketing Software Partner / Reseller Program

Become a Reseller Partner to become more profitable, save time, and grow your impact with wholesale rates on Locable's software and programs.

Are you a community-centric marketing agency or service provider offering Graphic Design, Promotional Products, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Content Creation, etc?

Then we want to work with you! Apply Below...

Locable's suite of marketing tools transforms local marketing from a complicated mix of disconnected activities into a cohesive approach that is highly effectiveincredibly efficient (time savings), and breathtakingly authentic for each and every business thanks to our proprietary Marketing 3-4-5™ approach.
“We originally partnered with Locable to connect our community through their integrated events calendar. Once we experienced how intuitive and easy to navigate their back end was not only for our team but for our client partners, we were quick to migrate our Wordpress customers over. Little did we know the increase in SEO and reduction in bounce rates our client websites would experience just by following the Locable recommendations Brian and his team provided. We just migrated our last client off of Wordpress and are 💯 a Locable partner.” - Cindy Sutton, Spokeology

Partner with Locable on YOUR Terms

Your goals, skillset and the value you bring are unique - we get it


Focus on Your Thing

Simply put, this option consists of you collecting the necessary information and content then we use that to implement the website. You maintain the client relationship and provide added value through the services you provide such as SEO, social media, etc.

You manage their Locable account with the option to add the client. Setup activities follow our proven approach to minimize overhead for you and the client.

You get wholesale website pricing & subscription rates, site setup starts at $99* & you get a 20% discount on any subscription plan

Who it's for: This may suit you if you are a service provider and are looking to own the client relationship and manage the project but don't want to deal with the actual website implementation.

*wholesale rates offer significant discounts off our already affordable retail website rates


Leverage Our Technology

Some partners want to be in control but are looking for a better tool for some or all of their clients. With this option, you take advantage of our local marketing stack and build the site on our quick-to-build website platform. 

You're able to deliver more-than-just-a-website and you get greater implementation support than other platforms.

There is no site setup fee and you get a 20% discount on any subscription plan

Who it's for: Are you an agency looking for more than just a website for your clients and want to handle every aspect of implementing their marketing? You've found the option for you. You some HTML/CSS knowledge to get the full effect.

We're developing multiple paths for partners and you can help shape our programs as a Founding Partner to you can deliver more value, strengthen relationships with clients, and spend more of your time where you want to spend your time. Choose which works best for you and help us refine our software, partner programs, and processes as we work together to #TakeBackLocal.

We're here to help you reach your goals while you help your clients reach theirs.

Apply below and we'll schedule an initial conversation to make sure we're a good fit for each other.

Are you looking to be completely hands-off and still earn commissions?

You're looking for our referral program. Simply make referrals or use our affiliate links to earn.

All partners will be included in our local service provider directory and referral program.

Our technology and website approach

Locable's Partner Program is for Local Marketing Service Providers

We're looking for community-centric, like-minded local marketing agencies

We want to support your work with local businesses, nonprofits, clubs and civic organizations such as cities and municipalities.

We recognize there is no shortage of tools available for you to use; however, Locable's combination of ease-of-use, affordability, speed, and marketing benefits make our platform a great fit for all-things-local. You'll get streamlined tools to work faster and more profitably, clients get more value promoting themselves and their community - Locable support everyone with software, tech support, and more.

Retail website prices start at $375 for site setup and $29.99/mo or $299.88/yr for ongoing hosting, support, security & maintenance, software updates, and new features, and a design refresh every 2 years.

For your clients in need of a website or website upgrade, there's no better choice than a website powered by Locable and our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach and built by you! You get a wholesale rate on our software and services and you can package them with your particular expertise - content, graphics, social, etc,

We offer related premium services such as Content Concierge which uses our proprietary approach to producing authentic and relevant content for businesses. WebAssist is a full-service website support offering starting at $199/mo for up to 3-hours of monthly updates. We have some amazing marketing programs for Main Streets, Chambers, Cities, etc., that you can implement as well!

For those looking to enhance their already-very-good-looking website to be more effective and/or to participate using Locable's automated cross-promotions, content, and distribution tools to reach more people, our Local Connections™ technology is an option as well to power things like self-updating Community Calendars as well.

We want to make you more valuable and help you strengthen your relationships... plus driving more revenue never hurts.

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Implement a Marketing 3-4-5™ Approach

Effective marketing can be done efficiently and at scale

Authenticity and relationships are the unfair advantages local businesses have but rarely leverage. You're in a position to change this and profit in the process.

Our whole approach is based on the Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework and approach which is designed to make everyone more effective at marketing even if they're not an expert at marketing... and if you are an expert, Marketing 3-4-5™ will help you work more efficiently for clients.

Click here to learn about utilizing Marketing 3-4-5™ to effectively market your business and implement programs for clients.

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