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Extend Small Business Saturday™ for Free by Leveraging Genuine Local Relationships and #TakeBackLocal

Small Business Saturday™ has become a local institution supporting genuine local businesses as part of the Shop Small® movement.

Despite its overwhelming success in driving local spending and general awareness of the importance of supporting local merchants, it's still just a single event that takes place once a year.

More than that, each year is a new start in participating communities which requires extra effort and, often, a new round of "Champions" to pull everything together.

Extend Small Business Saturday™ Cross-Promotion All Year Round

This year things can be different. Thanks to our Local Connections™ technology, small businesses and community organizations can continually cross-promote each other for free.

Post a Small Business Saturday™ event, have it appear on dozens of local websites instantly. Post an offer, dozens of local websites instantly, etc...

To that end, Locable support Champions in communities nationwide by providing training and support to make every this the best Small Business Saturday™ yet.

Best of all, because Local Connections™ is easy to add to any website, the value continues year-round.

All upcoming events and other promotions can instantly be promoted by participating businesses and nonprofits for free. That's how you work together to #TakeBackLocal

If you're a Champion or community that wants to take Small Business Saturday™ and cross-promotion further, contact us to learn how we can help.

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