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Business Blogging with Kathy Fargo at First Choice Signs - Marketing 3-4-5™ in the Real World (Video)

Welcome to Part 4 of Marketing 3-4-5™ in the Real World, our series that shares how real local businesses use Marketing 3-4-5™ to share their story to grow their business and how they do it quickly.

Kathy has worked in marketing for a while but hadn't done blogging for her business First Choice Signs. We wanted to change that.

Highlight a Creation to show customers what working with you looks like

As you see in the video, they create various types of signage for different customers. As such, we were able to do a "Highlight a Creation" post using simple prompts which means you don't have to be creative to create compelling content.

In fact, this post you're reading is being created using our Guided Blogging feature and replying to prompts to generate the post itself.

Using images and making adjustments to presentation

In the video, you see the post created to highlight the bottle label with text set adjacent to the image. Generally speaking, images should be in landscape orientation (they're wider than they are all or turn-your-phone-sideways to take it) and those images are best to be full-width and simple have text above and below the image but in this case, a bottle is simply taller than it is wide.

Given this orientation, we opted to put text to the side vs a full-width image.

Don't forget the Call-to-Action (CTA)

Notice how the post included links to various supplemental materials and contains a Call-to-Action (CTA) to help the reader take the next step.

Effective marketing is about creating a repeatable habit

"I think it's a great process and I think I can duplicate it. It's not something I envisioned before you showed it to me... it's incredibly valuable and I'm looking forward to trying it and using it." Kathy Fargo

This sentiment is one of the reasons we're doing this Marketing 3-4-5™ series, we want you to see what Business Blogging truly entails and that it's something you can do yourself.

Best of all, Kathy has stuck with it and has continued to create blog posts to highlight more of their successful projects in addition to driving more reviews from happy customers (Locable's software includes Customer Review generation to also make this process a breeze).

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