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Boost Your Website Conversions on Hundreds of Pages in Just 2 Minutes with CTAs (Video)

Last Updated 5/1/2023in Marketing Fundamentals, Web Design

Looking for a quick and easy way to convert more visitors into customers? In just 2 minutes, you can update hundreds of web pages using Locable's Call-to-Action (CTA) Management tool.

Don't believe us? Check out the video above where our CEO, Brian Ostrovsky, shows you how we did it for our website. And for a super-quick summary, read on!

Key Points:

  1. The Problem: Tired of manually adding CTAs to each page of your website? It's time-consuming and hard to change later.
  2. The Solution: Locable's CTA Builder - create, customize, and manage CTAs for multiple pages in a snap and it can be used with any website platform@
  3. Craft Your Perfect CTA: Choose colors, text, images, destination URL, and button text with the CTA Builder.
  4. Target the Right Audience: Assign CTAs to specific "zones" by theme or type like blog posts, events, or landing pages.
  5. Rotate & Track Performance: Test multiple CTAs, see which ones work best, and optimize your message.
  6. Instant Edits & Deactivation: Need to change or remove a CTA? Do it in seconds, and it updates everywhere.


So there you have it! Locable's Call-to-Action Management tool is your secret weapon to boost conversions, streamline your website, and target your audience effectively - all in just 2 minutes.

Ready to try it out? Schedule a demo and let's get started!

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