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Brian Ostrovsky of Locable is very helpful and knowledgeable, let me explain. My sister and I own and operate a nonprofit shoppe in Historic Folsom and I found out that Locable offeres a free locable account for Historic Folsom Merchants so I met with Brian Ostovsky to finish my Locable account. Brian was so helpful explaining the Locable dashboard and the tools for my free account to use on my nonprofit shoppe website. Brian took the time to help me finish my free locable account and to setup the Locable tools on my website while meeting with him in his office, is that GREAT or what! My website now generates cross promotions for Historic Folsom Events, Contact Us Page, Volunteer Page and Local Connections Page....WOW! I can't say enough to encourage my fellow Historic Folsom Merchants to setup their website pages with Locable tools and especially to say Thank you Brian from Locable!

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