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Attract Better Employee Applicants with These Simple Marketing Ideas that also Attract Customers

Last Updated 12/16/2021in Marketing Fundamentals, Social Media Marketing

Everybody seems pretty comfortable with the fact that marketing helps attract new customers but most people mistakenly think that's where the benefits end.

Truly effective marketing also delivers positive community impact and helps the company attract more good candidates to make hiring more effective.

Below are a few options that help you attract more quality employee candidates

In all of these examples, you should start by posting to your company's 'blog' then share it to social media and email newsletters (if you have one). Encourage your employees to also share and congratulate their coworkers to amplify reach.

Be sure to include a picture of the employee, don't worry about staging it as a candid shot works best... your smartphone's camera is fine as long as the lighting isn't bad.

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month posts aren't just for large companies, even smaller companies can use this as an effective way to recognize top performers.

Be sure to include specific examples of how they earned this recognition but also include the core values they displayed and why those values are important to the business.

Employee performance/service recognition

Recognizing employee performance or service is more specific than the Employee of the Month post. This might be sharing a letter a customer wrote to commend your employee, it could be the kind words shared with the manager by a patron, or it could be something above and beyond you caught the employee doing.

This can be short and sweet.

Employee Pick or Favorite

Sharing Employee Picks is a great option for businesses with physical products or a menu of services such as a salon or day spa. In this, the employee should be recognized by name, length of time at the company and a fun-fact of some sort to make them more human to customers.

Beyond that, they should identify the product or service they like, what they like about it and what a customer can expect to get as a benefit. If there are any surprises or other things to note about the product or service that's worth including.

Employee Anniversary

Having good employees stick around can be challenging, why not recognize your most loyal employees by celebrating their anniversary?

Make it interesting by sharing something about when they started and the role they had (if it's changed), how their contribution has affected the business and perhaps a way that you've seen them grow over that time.

It's great if you can get a quote from the employee sharing what their time at your business means to them and why they're still there.

Introduce New Employee

This one is pretty obvious and introducing a new employee helps them feel both welcomed and important. Include the pertinent information about who they are, what they'll be doing and why you hired them as if you're introducing the new employee to the team.

Tying it All Together

Don't be shy about concluding your post by mentioning that you're always looking for great employees like the one you just referenced and that you welcome new applicants.

Make your call-to-action clear and obvious to get a new stream of candidates and make it easy for them to contact you or submit their information.

Why it Works

There are two pretty simple reasons why this works and both leverage real-world-relationships & social media:
  1. Good employees often know other people who would make great employees... or at least they know people who know people. 
  2. Your clients and customers know people who would be great employees. When you publicize your values and give them something positive to share your message is more likely to reach the right people.
Make it easy for them to put your business in front of the right people and they will.

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