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Business Blogging with Happy Paws in Folsom - Marketing 3-4-5™ in the Real World (Video)

Welcome to a new series we're calling, Marketing 3-4-5™ in the Real World.

We want to share examples from real local businesses blogging, usually for the first time, using the Prompt-Based approach that we teach as part of Marketing 3-4-5™ and include in our book, Marketing 3-4-5™: The Business Owner's Guide to Effective Local Marketing in 15-Minutes or Less.

In this video, we visit with Stephanie at Happy Paws in Folsom to talk about their services and create a blog post about a recent dog boarding experience.

She has a lot of experience related to caring for pets of all types with varying needs but it's her likeability - and her affinity for the pups - that comes shining through. Experience and likeability are two of the four reasons people choose to work with you - the others are expertise and values.

Business Blogging is one of the most powerful things you can do to market your small business through examples

"It was very efficient... A blog that sounds so intimidating... this streamlined the process and made it into something that, for me, is a lot less intimidating and a lot less daunting of a task."

Blogging tends to strike fear into the hearts of business owners but it shouldn't. In fact, using prompts you can expect to be able to blog in 15-minutes or less - catch a timelapse video of us blogging in 10-minutes.

We hope seeing how real local businesses create business blogs quickly and easily with the Marketing 3-4-5™'s prompt-based approach inspires to create and distribute content for your business.

Please note, a number of videos in this series were filmed in 2019 but, due to extenuating circumstances, are now being released in 2021. The content created with businesses in this series led to the creation of The Universally Simple Local Blog Post Template which is explored in the book and available for download here.

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