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Now you can add customer reviews manually alongside verified reviews and add replies to reviews

in Platform And Feature Updates

Our customer generation tools for local businesses have long been popular and a part of our free plan with available upgrades.

We've continued to add new ways to collect reviews and now we've added the ability to add review replies and manually add unverified reviews.

Customer Reviews are important aspects of telling your story and reviews provide a number of important marketing benefits:

  • Demonstrate social proof i.e. people like you
  • They help with SEO (Google) because they provide more content and incorporate authentic words & phrases from customers
  • They make you feel good
  • They also drive more referrals when you use tools to generate reviews by reminding people of their experience with you

Customer Reviews should be a part of every small business's marketing plan and they can be driven effectively in under an hour each month.

With your Locable account, and our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach, you're able to simplify marketing and customer reviews are just one piece of the puzzle.

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