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Quick & Effective Event Promotion the Marketing 3-4-5™ Way, Webinar Recap & Recording

Events provide important opportunities for communities to come together and showcase the things that make it special. They strengthen relationships and welcome locals, visitors and newcomers alike.

Sadly, most community organizations such as Chambers, Main Streets, and Tourism as well as businesses that host events miss out on simple opportunities to grow awareness, participation, and impact.

Our recent webinar was designed to show real-world examples to improve local event marketing in mere minutes.

Webinar Agenda - Key Considers

This session was tailored to local Destination Marketing Organizations and the businesses they represent. We applied the principles of our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach and Local Event Promotion marketing plan to provide you with concrete, actionable strategies to enhance your event marketing.

If you ever struggle to get the participation your events warrant from locals and visitors or perhaps you don't get credit for the events you run in your community then this webinar is for you.

This focused session helped attendees:
  • Learn a repeatable event marketing process, designed to elevate awareness and boost attendance.
  • See how to distribute events broadly with minimal effort
  • Use content to expand engagement and impact
  • See examples of effective and problematic calendars and how to address issues.
  • Receive a practical event content and marketing plan, ready for immediate implementation.

Keys to Successful Event Marketing

This isn't a situation where you should expect to spend a lot of additional time, quite the opposite. You're already investing time in event planning, coordination, and the like - improving event promotion often requires just a little extra effort to leverage what you've already done.

By leveraging partnerships, optimizing online content, and expanding distribution channels, you'll see how organizations can dramatically improve their marketing effectiveness. There are particular opportunities to tap into the relationships you have with other organizations to support one another.

Your efforts to grow distribution and grow awareness will be significantly enhanced by consolidating events from such partners into unified local community events calendars which allows for mutual amplification, saves time compared to separately contacting the same businesses, and builds a more useful calendar. 

Key activities include creating event preview and event recap articles, following our Marketing 3-4-5™ distribution approach to reach people wherever they are including via social media, email marketing, cross-promotion and on Google, and encouraging people to share their experiences to keep the conversation going.

Overall, these promotional strategies amplify events, foster community participation, and ensure organizers get proper credit for their efforts (something that is often severely lacking).

Watch the Recording

You may have missed the live webinar but you can still watch the recording.

Unlocking the Power of Event Marketing: Watch the Recording to Level Up Your Community's Engagement! >>

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