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Boosting Business Visibility: A Monticello Restaurant's Success with Locable

A Single Activity with Multiple Benefits

You want to help businesses in your Main Street, Chamber, or community improve their marketing while equipping you to elevate your community but it feels like an uphill battle. It doesn't have to be this way.

Locable is redefining local business marketing by turning a single small business marketing activity with their free Locable account into multiple benefits. Here is an example from Monticello, Iowa where we work with both their Main Street organization and Chamber of Commerce.

When a business updates their Locable profile, they're not just engaging in another routine task. They're tapping into a suite of benefits designed to reduce workload and enhance visibility.

For example, a restaurant, The Market at the Tap, utilized Locable to promote events, which were automatically distributed through our Local Connections™ technology to local websites powered by our community events calendar software. This meant their content was not only on their profile but also on Monticello Main Street and Chamber websites, and synchronized with their Google Business Profile, amplifying their reach effortlessly.

Tools to Spread the Word

Locable offers an arsenal of tools for businesses to effectively promote their activities, projects, events, and anything else that makes them uniquely valuable.

From promoting events to filling job openings, businesses can simply post content on their Locable profile. This content then seamlessly integrates into broader community platforms and is shared across an extended network.

This integration represents more than just marketing; it's a community engagement strategy, connecting businesses with the local ecosystem in meaningful ways.

Generating Tremendous Reach beyond Facebook

In today’s digital landscape, reliance on social media alone is a limited strategy - in fact, it's a failing strategy to completely misses out on engaging locals and visitors alike.

While platforms like Facebook are popular, their reach is fleeting, with posts quickly losing visibility and only reaching a tiny fraction of your followers. More than that, social media posts fail to help people find your content when they search using Google and other search engines.

Locable addresses this by enhancing a business's online presence beyond social media. The Monticello restaurant's case illustrates this point: by leveraging Locable, they saw significant traffic from search engines like Google.

This extended reach, coupled with cross-promotion, transcends the limitations of social media, ensuring content longevity and wider audience engagement.

Bare Minimum Effort but Significant Results

The restaurant manager, Kristine Lafler, shared her experience which highlights what can be done quickly. that's to Locable's impact.

Despite a hectic schedule and limited time, she found Locable to be "very easy and fast" to use. She admitted, "I jumped on and just did it. It really only took me a little bit to figure out but I'm also running a restaurant and extremely busy with a staff of forty… but this is what bare minimum got."

The next step will be to get a website that can become their home online and work through the local restaurant marketing plan based on our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach

Despite all of her responsibilities, she's been able to enjoy significant results quickly, it's a testament to what a small business can accomplish when the tools enable them to work efficiently and effectively. .

These results are clearly beneficial to The Market but her contributions also help the Main Street and Chamber deliver more valuable resources to both locals and visitors which, in turn, helps the community stay better connected.

At the end of the day, that's what Locable means when we say #TakeBackLocal.

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